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Shit Just Got Real

You might’ve see my Facebook post and Tweet the other day. For those you didn’t.

On Friday, 2012 CrossFit Games tickets SOLD OUT.

Yes, you can read the official, in-depth announcement on the Games site.

Not 100% sure…but I also did come across someone’s post on the Games Facebook page. She said that she called up the box office and that more tickets will be released later this month. That doesn’t surprise me, as this kind of shit has happened to me before with events like this year’s Dave Matthews concerts.

It does suck ass for people who bought plane tickets and reserved hotels already without getting tickets. Yeah, you can say that’s pretty dumb, but shit happens.

Now My Point…

Whether there really are more tickets being sold later or not…tickets actually SOLD OUT. I’ve never gone personally, but you can see from previous years in videos and in the ESPN tapings how people would just be wandering around to different seats. It’s like going to a local minor league baseball game. The place never got full.

Just think about Event 4 in 2010, the “Sandbag Move.” (props to Brad for bringing this up in the Facebook group) A HUGE chunk of the seating area was used as part of the WOD. They clearly knew back then the stadium wouldn’t be filled to full capacity.

That’s why it just blows my mind that tickets sold out this quick. It’s just a sign that our sport is REALLY growing.

Shit just got real.

What Do I Think?

I wrote about CrossFit getting bigger in this post, and I still feel pretty much the same about things.

Bring it.

As I mentioned in the Facebook group, yes, this growth can become either a good or bad thing. I’m just going to hope for the best and keep CrossFitting. Even if it does BLOW UP and the whole culture changes in a bad direction, we’ll still be doing something fun that’ll keep us in shape.

Isn’t that the main reason we got into CrossFit? To work out?

I got tired of doing the normal chest and bi stuff and your typical cardio days. Do you ever see yourself going back to that boring nonsense? Never.

No Matter What, CrossFit’s Here To Stay

That’s why I don’t think CrossFit’s a fad. Yeah, there’ll be a bunch of new novelty workout programs similar to P90X and Insanity (although I’ll admit you can see results with these) popping up. These’ll come and go under different exercise variations and names. It’s just part of business. You need to stay fresh to keep selling, which is totally understandable.

For me, however, nothing beats progressing in something that’s always challenging and provides so much room for growth. While I don’t really see myself competing with the big dawgs (at least for now), I really enjoy competing against myself, my times, my previous records.

I’ve tried all sorts of exercise programs, and nothing is as addicting or effective.

So yeah…let’s see where this growth takes our community. This CrossFit blog might as well slipstream with the movement, right?

So what do YOU think about 2012 Games tickets selling out? What do you think about CrossFit growing? Post in the comments 🙂

Why The FUCK Do We Watch OTHER People Work Out?

It’s Quite Silly When You Think About It

Yes, we spend HOURS of our day…shit, our WEEKEND to watch OTHER people work out. What’s up with that? This random thought was inspired by this quick tidbit during the South East Regionals Day 1 Update Show.

And because I like you, here’s a link to the exact part of the video on YouTube for all you lazy poopy-heads.

Seriously…stop and pause for a second. Really think about this. Do we REALLY do this? I mean…to us, we’re watching athletes who inspire us. We want to be them. For the athletes we’re attracted to, we want to get with them (Ohhhhhh that nicely waxed Rich Froning, Jr. bodyyyy….WAIT…wut?). We want to support our friends and family representing our own CrossFit boxes.

It’s part of living the CrossFit lifestyle.

On Paper And To The Public…

…it’s pretty stupid. Let’s strip all the bells and whistles, the emotions we have tied to the sport, and whatnot. It really comes down to watching other people work out.


If you try to explain this shit to a rando or someone you know who knows NOTHING about CrossFit, you’ve pretty much warranted yourself a #coolstorybro.

Cool Story Bro

Most People Don’t Give A Shit

And that’s the truth. However, if you’re reading this blog post, there’s a high chance that you DO give a shit.

That’s all that matters.

CrossFit is my PASSION…if you can’t tell already. Who’d write a whole blog about a topic they don’t care about?

We’re the people who follow the CrossFit Games Regionals through Twitter each weekend. We’re the crazy fucks who spend their entire weekend in the Jumbotron chat, unless of course you have the privilege to attend a nearby Regional.

That’s another thing…we’re the people who’d travel HOURS to see our friends and family compete. As I said, this is just part of the lifestyle, and I’m fuckin proud of it.

We’re All In The Same Boat Of Fucked Up Individuals

Just accept it.

We love CrossFit. We drink the fuckin Kool-Aid. Someone just get me a funnel and let’s make a party out of it.

Greg Glassman Drinking Kool Aid

Greg Glassman...get it? OH YEAHHHHH

I’ve noticed all of us in the Jumbotron chat asking about each others’ Fran times, what color Reebok “workout bra” to buy, what box we go to (I think I’ve given enough info for you SUPER STALKERS to figure out where I work out…good luck…), etc.

To the outside world, we’re not normal. I’m okay with that.

Too bad the Jumbotron chat is only for this weekend and for the actual Games in July. Actually…it’s a good thing, so we can actually carry on with our lives…

…but really, I think most CrossFitters out there are hungry for a place to chat and shoot the shit. Correct me if I’m wrong. Post something in the comments.

2012 CrossFit Games Central East Regional Jumbotron Stream

I just find this comment amusing. No hate on Travis though.

People have asked me for tips on double unders (don’t worry, Michelle, I’ll cover that in the coming week), where I bought certain CrossFit items, and other CrossFit-related stuff, but as I’ve said before, I’m not an expert.

I’m just a crazy fan. I’m an everyday CrossFitter. That’s all.

So it’s gonna take your 2 cents, in addition to mine, to help people out. Since we’re all so proud of our love for CrossFit, why not share the love? It’s just like how you always see competitors cheering others on even after finishing their workout.

We can easily keep a lot of CrossFit info to ourselves, but what benefit will that really bring to us? CrossFit was designed to be an “open source” kind of a deal, so of course, bringing input and contributions from a wide variety of people from different backgrounds is a given.

That’s the only way the sport will grow and mature properly.

This “shooting the shit” project is something I’ve had my sights on for a while, so I’m gonna cook something up for you fuckers in the coming weeks.

Kip It Real, my friends.

P.S. Thanks for all the Facebook Like lovin:

1492 Facebook Likes

I feel like Christopher Motherfuckin Columbus.


First Of All…

…THANKS for the 1000 Facebook Likes! I didn’t think the day would come this soon, but thank you so much you motherfuckassss! Now I’m even more pumped to write for YOU.

KippingItReal 1000 Facebook Likes

As of 10:16PM EST cheaaaaaa

Also, HUGEEEEEEEE props to Dan Bailey on his world record 1:35 Diane, beating Spealler’s by 17 seconds. You can check it out here:

Andddd Rich Froning, Jr.’s CRAZYYYY Event 2 World Record of 11:28!!!

Addressing The Haters

Now for all you haters of the I’M RICH JAMES BITCHHHHHHH! meme we had going on in the Jumbotron chat, SUCK on a pair of Vibrams.

I'm Rich James Bitch

Some of us found it funny, including Elijah Muhammad. So yeah…#hatersgonnahate

Elijah Muhammad Favorited Tweet I'm Rich James Bitch

How's that for some social proof?

The Jumbotron Feed

Alright, so you can already tell why the Jumbotron feed was so awesome. Originally, I was pretty pissed off about not having ESPN3 as a Cablevision subscriber.

Now, I don’t give a shit about that. The Jumbotron feed is sooooo much better than I expected. Okay, last year, when the normal live feed wasn’t working for me during the Games, I was pretty bummed out about the lacking Jumbotron feed. This time, you can hear the announcer clearly (haha…more on that later…), the camera angles are close to perfect (especially for the women’s heats…), and…the fuckin Jumbotron chat.

Holy shit…the combination of either your Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare account with this live feed and a chatroom is pure social media genius. HUGE props to the web team at HQ. I’ve gotta hand it to you guys and girls over there.

It was just an awesome crowd of people who all SO passionate about the sport of CrossFit. There were great discussions, fun jokes, and of course, those random memes we came up with as the events went along.

There were honestly times where I’d spend more time paying attention to the chat than the stream…shhhhh!

You Guys Crack Me Up

For serious. I’m laughing hysterically like a sick fuck just thinking about the stuff going on in that chat room.

It was really the EXCLUSIVE internet memes people were coming up with. I’m not sure if it was me or Ronnie who randomly said “I’M RICH JAMES BITCHHHH!” Regardless, after a while, EVERYONE was saying it in the chat. There was even one person that got pretty butthurt, saying it was unoriginal or some shit like that.

Who cares?

We’re laughing and having fun. Are we hurting anyone? No. Ain’t nothin wrong with that then.

Rich James

The REAL Rich James...bitch.

On its own, the whole Rich James meme wouldn’t be funny. Gotta give the REAL Rich James (the CrossFitter) props though for being such a BEASTTTT of an athlete. Good job in Event 2…missed out on Event 1 because of my WOD (fuck you, CrossFit workout…).

So why the FUCK was it funny then?

The damn ANNOUNCER, Travis Bagent.

Travis Bagent CrossFit Games Announcer

Some hate him. I just find him entertaining.

Yeah, a lot of you hated on him, and I get where you’re coming from. Sure, I even said he’s like a wannabe WWE announcer as joke. Fine, I said that. However, the guy is fuckin entertaining…and he’s a professional arm wrestler (or was?). If you don’t want to hear him, as one guy was saying in the chat, just mute your volume.

His constant yelling of JOEEEE DEGAINNNNNN, SHOWWWWW YOUR LOVEEEEEE, and RICH JAMESSSSSSSSS got some of us fired up. What came from it was the RICH JAMES BITCH meme.

Of course, Nate had to drop in something about Charlie Murphy as well. These are references to the Rick James skits on Chappelle’s Show. Don’t watch this at work for those of you who have never watched this before: (NSFW)

There were other things as well, but I feel I might alienate too many readers, such as with the LEEEROYYYYY JENKINS joke. That’s more for the uber-internet dwellers.

Yellow, Pink, Teal

The guys were having fun pointing out some pretty hot girls on the floor (Ahhhh…gotta love you CrossFit girls :D). We were simply labeling them by the color of their attire: yellow, pink, teal, etc. To be fair, the girls did a bit of their commenting as well.

Good times.

And WATCH OUT…Sarah said she’s shopping for YELLOW SHORTS for next year’s Regionals.

Why? So we can look at her ass and discuss about it over social media. Not gonna lie…she was getting hammered by some assclowns with jokes I wouldn’t even say. Of course they were all in fun, and she was a fuckin sport about it.

Looking forward to those yellow shorts next year…

So What Are You Waiting For?

Tomorrow, you’re going to be up by 9:00am EST to watch more of the Central East Regionals, okay? That’s the Rx’d action for tomorrow.

If you don’t get ESPN3, go to this page on the Games site. Watch the Jumbotron feed with me, Ronnie, Nate, Sarah, and a bunch of other CrossFit-obsessed motherfuckers.

We’ll chat, possibly have drinking games, and be merry. What do you say?

Click Here Tomorrow 2012 CrossFit Games Central East Regionals Jumbotron Feed

Kip It Real, my friends.

CrossFit’s Too MAINSTREAM For Me…

Wait A Sec…

Let me get my huge, plastic histperific glasses first.

Cool glasses bro

Okay, I’m good to go.

Is it just me, or is CrossFit soooo MAINSTREAM now? First with the damn Reebok partnership, the ESPN2 and ESPN3 coverage (fuckin Cablevision….WHY YOU NO HAVE ESPN?!?!?!), and now with such an elaborate marketing campaign online, on TV, and on mobile, I’m starting to reconsider my shit.

Remember the days when the CrossFit Games were like a huge barbecue with a bunch of people? Remember when the weights and workouts weren’t as complicated? Remember when NO ONE gave a shit about Reebok?

With the first, two…no. I only started drinking the Kool-Aid like 3 years ago. With #3…lolz…of course.

In All Seriousness

If that’s even possible for me, I’m all about this growth.

*takes off hipster glasses*

I’m willing to go along for the ride and see what happens with the sport of CrossFit. As Web Smith wrote about on his blog, that whole Spealler Twittersphere BLOW UP is a sign of what’s to come.

#Spealler was trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter! How crazy is that?

This weekend, with more CrossFit Games Regionals coverage, especially the Rich Froning Jr.-led Central East, there’s more potential for shit to blow up. I’d love to see #Froning trending as well.

But Why Do I Want This Growth?!?!

Think about it.

I want this blog to BLOW UP as well. No…not in the sense of destruction, like a hacker wrecking my site or my server LITERALLY blowing up. Nope.

Here’s how I see my site in the overall CrossFit ecosystem. I LOVE making people laugh and feel good about themselves.

I want people to look forward to their next WOD, no matter how mindfuckerific and puketastic it may be. I want people to hit their health and fitness goals. I want to help people change their lives.

With happy readers, that positive vibe carries on to your boxes. With happy CrossFitters at your box, the better the workouts will be and the healthier people will be. Then everyone at your box will spread the word of CrossFit to friends, family, and even complete strangers.

People will say the usual shit…yes, it’s like a damn script, and I’m sure many of you have experienced it at some point:

Friend/Family Member: Oh wow, (insert your name)! You look great! What have you been doing?
You: I’ve been doing CrossFit and eating Paleo teeeheeeheeee!
Friend/Family Member: What’s CrossFit? And what’s a Paleo?

And blah blah blahhhhh….

I’ve noticed at my box that the majority of its marketing is due to word-of-mouth referrals from our own members.

Okay, okay…Sparnotes you say? I want this site to grow so it can inspire more people to live healthier, better lives.

There are so many obesity-fighting campaigns out there that are still DOING IT WRONG. Food pyramid. Eat less fat. More bullshit.

And you want to lose mad weight???? Do lotssssss of cardio! Eat lesss! Females, lifting weights will make you bigger! OMG! NOOOOOOOO!

Alright, I’m not saying the whole CrossFit/Paleo/Zone/Whatever combo is the only way to go. Nor is it perfect. There are many ways to reach that end goal – fat loss, performance, muscle gain, etc. I’m just saying that I’m tired of all this nonsense people are “educating” themselves with.

At least CrossFit and the lifestyle is a step in the right direction.


Yeah…don’t worry. I’m done 😀

With today’s post, I just want to say I’m all about this growth in CrossFit and here on my blog. I really appreciate it when I see bloggers like Shawn who’ve included me in their blogroll and Rob who’ve dropped links to my blog within their own blog posts.

That kind of shit means a lot.

As I wrote to Bethany on her comment yesterday, I don’t want these links, Tweets, Likes, and blog comments just because I’m a greedy motherfucka.

No, I’m not hungry for that garbage.

I’m doing this for YOU. The readers 🙂 Eventually, I was this blog to evolve into a hub for CrossFitters just to shoot the shit.

Sure, there are already forums and groups within social networks to voice your 2 cents on this sport we love, but honestly, most of them SUCK ASS.

Through this hub, I’d love to see the CrossFit lifestyle spread like crazy.

Will you help me make this a reality?

Kip It Real, my friends.

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