We Laughed Like Sick Fucks

A Different Direction

Okay, so with this entry, I wanted to try something shorter than most of my posts, almost like Lisbeth Darsh’s writing. At the same time, I thought of putting my own twist on things as well.

So here goes…

We Laughed Like Sick Fucks

What a crazy workout
Rowing, snatches, dubs to endure
Two and a half minutes
Of my sanity, I was unsure

I rowed my ass off
For a minute and a half straight
Then 15 unbroken snatches
My forearms could barely handle the weight

Dropping the bar
With only 30 seconds to spare
I grabbed my rope
Double unders with precision and care

Time was up
My body was saying, “No more”
But we’re not done
It’s not just one round but FOUR

Barely conscious
Feeling the opposite of a million bucks
Turned to a friend next to me
We laughed like sick fucks

Sparknotes/Cliff Notes/Analysis

Wait a fuckin second…WHAT WAS THAT?!?! Told ya I wanted to do something different haha.

It was basically a poem about yesterday’s WOD. I’d write about today’s, but honestly, it wasn’t anything special. This workout we did yesterday was a total mind, body, and soul fuck. Think that Fran-like burning feeling in your lungs each round. Not fun.

Here’s the breakdown of the WOD:
2:30 time for
Max meters row for 90 seconds (ALL OUT effort)
15 unbroken hang power snatches (85# was the Rx for guys, 55# for girls, coach suggested 65#)
With the remaining time, AMRAP double unders!

As I said, the row, snatches, and dubs were a total mind, body, and soul fuck. Once the dubs were completed, I threw my rope on the floor. I had my hands on my knees, fighting for air and thinking what the fuck I just did. Then I looked up to my friend next to me, and I just started laughing like a psycho. He did too. We laughed like sick fucks.

And then we realized that was only round 1…

Xzibit Not Laughing

By the way, thanks to Heidi‘s tweet for inspiring this post 🙂


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love love the poem!! thanks you for the laugh!! i am now going to try and laugh like a psycho in my next WOD!!


    Thank you, thank you! Of course 🙂 One of my favorite things to do is to get people to laugh, even just one person. Since I got you to laugh, mission accomplished haha.

    Have fun with the WOD. I learned that laughing off the worst WOD’s out there is the way to go.


Awesome Crossfit poem dude! I can’t get enough of the memes you post about too. That Michael Jordan gif is classic and you can’t go wrong with any of the Xzibit memes. Looking forward to the next poems.


    Thanks, Brent! Yeah, I’m all about the internet meme culture. It’s crazy to think how mainstream it’s gotten in such a short amount of time.

    If more people like my poems, then expect more of them.


Awesome poem! I have had a frustrating week and this made it better. Only a select few understand. Thanks again!


    Well, thanks for the inspiration, Heidi! Glad to have made your week better. We all have those rough patches. They’re inevitable. All we can do is keep pushing forward 🙂

    Hope your week continues to get better!

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