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There’s a 22% Chance You’re Reading This On An iPhone

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’ve owned both an Android Phone & Blackberry before. They’re sweet and all, but I love the ease of my iPhone, AND…a shitload of my mobile readers are iPhone users.

Kipping It Real CrossFit iPhone App

Look at how fresh that “app” looks.

Almost everyone at the box is using an iPhone. You see a lot of the guys and girls who do their own training using their Apple device to keep track of their WOD times, capture vids to check their oly form, or maybe take pics of random stuff to post on Instagram.

I was just looking at the traffic coming into the site earlier today (which has been BOOMING since my return…thanks guys!), and the iPhone visits got me thinking.

What Kind Of CrossFit iPhone Apps Would You Like To See?

Now…I can only do a tiny bit of HTML/CSS web coding (I use a drag-and-drop WordPress theme by the way lol) and have only dabbled in other coding languages, but I know I can definitely make something sweet for the iPhone. Ya know? Get the KippingItReal name out there.

I have to learn some mobile app development anyway so I can audit a future employee’s work. It’d suck if someone in-house or a freelance tried screwing us over with shoddy code.

Also, whatever CrossFit-related iPhone apps out there are most likely lacking. I’m sure I can make your CrossFit life easier with some sort of iPhone app.

So How About This?

I’ll shoot out some ideas to get your imagination flowing. Then post some comments below if you have any thoughts on my ideas or if there’s anything particular you had in mind.

4 Random CrossFit iPhone App Ideas

1) WOD Tracker

Okay, I wanted to start out with the most unoriginal idea, since there are already several WOD trackers out there. I simply use Evernote to sync with my computer (highly suggested…great for keeping track of anything in your life). It’s also what I use to keep track of my eating.

Track CrossFit WODs Evernote

I fuckin love this app. If I had it in college, I would’ve been a productivity ninja.

However, there’s always room for improvement for such an app. Maybe it can be combined with other stuff.

2) Timer App

How about different timers? Like a Tabata timer with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for however many rounds you set.

Oh you have a workout that’s broken up into different segments? E.g. Part A is 5 minutes long, then a 2 minute rest, followed by Part B which is 4 minutes long, 2 minute rest, Part C which is 6 minutes long…etc…

…you simply plug in the times for each round and for each rest period. Just something simple like that.

3) Nutritional/Paleo App

Haha I know I said Paleo isn’t the answer, but I’m sure a lot of you would love some sort of guidance with your Paleo eating. Hell…maybe even I’d benefit from such an app.

Like it’d contain a library of Paleo-friendly food so you can quickly look this stuff up as you’re grocery shopping or eating out. Maybe a recipe aggregator that’d grab stuff from the top Paleo sites out there. Or maybe a Paleo recipe generator.

Don’t know what to cook for the week? Shake your iPhone like a Magic 8 Ball and you’ll get the recipe you were meant to prepare haha.

Of course, you can use it to keep track of what you eat, and maybe have certain reminders, such as “EAT ENOUGH GREENS FOR LUNCH” or “GET IN ENOUGH FAT YOU FUCK”

Maybe some sort of social component similar to Instagram can work where you share what you eat. Yeah, you really shouldn’t care if your friends on Instagram or Facebook hate when you post your Paleo meals, but at least on here you can get exposure and suggestions from other like-minded people.

4) The Mobile Coach

Nothing beats getting legit instruction from a legit coach. However, you might be traveling and working out at a globo, or maybe you’re just at home, wondering how the hell you’re supposed to do a muscle up.

It’s gonna be a pain in the ass trying to browse YouTube to get the best instructional videos on various CrossFit movements. Not all of us have the time. I can simply put together a collection of the best videos out there and make them really easy to access on your iPhone.

So What Do You Think?

Post your comments below!

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Don’t worry…it’s free and there’s no way I’m selling your info. It’ll also help me keep in touch with you guys on a more intimate level (you know you like that :P). Maybe I’ll actually reveal more info about myself…

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