I’m just some guy who loves CrossFit. I could talk about it for hours. Almost everyone who’s asked me about it I’m turned them into members at my local box. When ever the questions about CrossFit come up, I smile and just keep raving about things.

There are many reasons I started this blog. Yes, there will be some affiliate links to sites like Reebok, TheShoeMart, and RogueFitness, but that’s to help pay for server costs and maintenance of this site. Right now, it’s just a simple blog with a really basic design. The sport of CrossFit is young and will only grow exponentially from here on, so I want this site to become a beast.

I want people to get involved. I want people to have a place to vent their CrossFit thoughts. I want to give people a place they can belong to online. Sure, you can share your thoughts on your latest workout on the usual social networking sites. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance the majority of your audience there won’t give 2 shits.

At KippingItReal.com, I want other CrossFitters to be able to voice out, meet some cool people online, and give you all another place to shoot the shit. It’s great being able to do things like that at your local CrossFit box, so this is a great place to be able to do that kind of stuff online.

In the near future, I also look forward to having some contests. For now, I’ll keep things under wraps, although expect prizes like gift certificates and free CrossFit gear from your favorite companies. And if you happen to be an up-and-coming CrossFit business, whether you’re opening up a new box or you want to showcase some products, feel free to contact me.

Note: KippingItReal.com is not associated with CrossFit. This is merely a fan blog. All the words written on these pages and posts are my words and are not representative of CrossFit, Inc.