500 Burpees In Under 51 Minutes???


Yeah…check this shit out. Lindsey Johnson lost a bet to Neal Maddox…so she had to do 500 burpees. Spencer Hendel was dragged along to do this WOD with her. Check it out:

I thought it was pretty insane cause we just did a WOD yesterday that started with 50 burpees AND ended with 50 burpees. Those 100 alone got me close to breaking. My right quad even cramped up a bit, so I had to lean a bit more towards my left upon finishing each rep.

Aside from the physical strain, it’s once again that mental game that can get to a lot of people with such an intense workout. Seriously…500 burpees? Lots of props to Lindsey and Spencer.

By the way…”Niggas in Paris” at the end of that video? Haha…reminds me all too much of my CrossFit box.

Kip it real, my friends.


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I’d rather do 500 toe touches before I do 500 burpees. You guys are crazy! 🙂

Ion Nutrition

500 Burpees Wow! Great Job Lindsey and Spencer! I imagine you were pretty sore the next day?

Sean James

Freaking insanity! Kinda want to do this now

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