Everyone Has That 1 Song

That Song…

…that gets you all pumped for your CrossFit workout.

It’s been an ongoing joke with my noon coach and some other friends at the box regarding the the box owner’s obsession with this one song.

Niggas in Paris:

I was a HUGE fan of this song…until it was played like 4382749238743294 times at the gym.

Not hating on our owner, but it was just so amusing how much this song amped him up. It’s obvious to him that people have been getting annoyed by the song. I even heard one time he was working out alone and looked around the box before putting that song on the sound system.

Too many lolz.

Well You Know What?

As much as we joke around about it, he really shouldn’t have any reason to care what we think about his obsession with the song. It’s his jam. It’s that song that puts him in the zone, in that perfect mindset for the workout.

And sometimes, these pump up songs are just flat-out stupid. Dumb. Lame.

No, I don’t delve into the old school Jock Jams songs, but I do indulge in mainstream rap/hip hop/whatever you’re supposed to call it.

For example, right now, my song of choice is “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller:

I came across this song a while back, but it’s that song of mine that makes me want to just take over a workout while having a blast.

Yes, I would classify it to fall under one of those lame/stupid songs, and I don’t mind it. Basically, I play it on repeat on the way to the gym, and I’m pretty much set.

But Why This Song?

Well, whenever I’m doing work on the computer, I like to play a song just before I get “wired in” as a sign to not fuck around. It’s one of my mental signals to start my day.

Also, just hearing the lyrics of wanting to take over the world, making money, and proving the haters wrong pushes me to work harder. Yes, lame…but it works.

So pretty much that same mental “start” is what I get from playing Donald Trump on the way to the box. My mind and body are ready for that beating through the WOD. Rather than being caught off guard with the intensity, I’m pretty much asking for the pain as I’m ready for it.

At Times, I Hate Pandora

Actually, most of the time, I do.

You see, after getting pumped on the way to the gym, having a good warmup sesh, and having good vibes going into the WOD, it’s such a boner kill when a song that just doesn’t do the job starts playing.

For a while, there seemed to have been some kind of uniform CrossFit playlist. Seriously. I’d watch videos of the Games back in 2010, and the songs were exactly what we listened to at the box. It was a mix of your typical classic workout songs like Rage Against the Machine and the top pop/hip hop songs of that summer (Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, Rihanna, etc…).

It must’ve been the “Today’s Pop/Hip Hop Hits” Pandora playlist.

Then lately, our Pandora playlists have either been a mix of Drake, recent pop stuff, electro/dubstep, and random “workout” music.

There’s never really a middle ground with the music we hear at the gym. You either love it or hate it.

Then Again, It Doesn’t Really Matter

Thanks to that 1 song prepping you up for battle, you should be in such a state of mind that you can cancel out the bad tunes. Shit, you might be able to totally ignore the music all together.


…do you have your own song that gets you in the zone for a WOD? If you do, post in the comments!


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Damn, I’m embarrassed that I’m commenting like 4 seconds after this was posted. Makes me seem like some kind of stalker or something.

Anyway, on my way to the box I always listen to the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show. Talk radio fires me up. Well, not really, but they’re funny.

As far as music goes, I don’t really have a preference…I would be fine with silence if it had to be that way. All the grunting and groaning and shreaking motivates me. If I had to chose though…Rage Against the Machine ALWAYS does it for me.



    Nah, I actually prefer getting comments right away haha. It’s a sign that people are actually reading 😛

    Yeah, you can never go wrong with Rage…although, damn…working out without music is fuckin awkward. Read the end of this post if you haven’t already.

    A class of guys and girls “grunting” when the sound system goes out? Awkward city.


      Lol the power was out at my box for about a week and all we had to listen to was huffing and puffing. Doesn’t really bother me ha


I’ll be the next stalker in line…

Unlike Brad, I need music. Even when I’m simply running… I hate the sound of my breathing (reminds me of the big girl in gym class or something).

My gym plays a lot of eminem (so did my sister’s box – Crossfit714, when I visited) – is this a crossfit thing? They also seem to be heavily focused on new Kid Rock. Truly, I don’t get it; however, anything is better than listening to myself huff and puff.

If I were queen of my box (funny), I’d be rocking out some Franti or some stupid shit like Ke$ha… I can’t help it, she makes you want to move.


    I need my music, too.

    Eminem is probably more than a CrossFit thing. His shit just gets you amped. Like back in the 2004 Olympics, Michael Phelps said Eminem’s “‘Til I Collapse” was his most played pre-race song.

    My box hasn’t played a lot of his stuff lately, although when the Recovery album came out two years ago, those songs were playing non-stop haha.

    I’m not familiar with Franti…but oh man Ke$ha…don’t threaten me with a good time. A solid tune that makes me want to bust a move is rather distracting 😛


Sail…AWOL nation


I don’t listen to it on the way to the box but its on my playlist and when it comes on I step up my game and push a little deeper every time! “Going the Distance”


    Correction…it’s just “the distance” by cake.


    That plays on our Pandora once in a while. Gotta love that song! Although, I must say its casual, joking tone gets me to laugh and not take things seriously lol.


Yes it’s old and no im not a 80s headbanger but Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart is tough to beat for a pump up song. Rage is always a great choice too


    Niceeee! Hey, as I said, everyone has their own song. Who gives a shit what people think if it makes you tear things up?

    Once again, another Rage fan. Gotta love it.

elisa romaniello

Hahahahaha i am old school…there is a remix version of “gonna Fly Now” the THEME song from Rocky ….it gets me pumped everytime i hear it and i play it on my way to the box…i pulled into the parking lot one day of my box…windows open…my playlist cranking to “rocky” my coach heard me shook his head and laughed. i go in to the box and prove every day “i am not just some bum from the neighborhood”….lololololol.


    LMFAO…Rocky’s one of my favorite movies, so hell yeah!

    My buddy who coaches is basically Rocky. Looks, voice, everything.

    Back in college, we’d always play “Gonna Fly Now” or “Eye of the Tiger” whenever we’d be against him in flip cup or beer pong lol. It was a great distraction.


My workout song of the week! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlvLUcaRdGI

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