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I Joined A Planet Fitness For The Free Pizza and Bagels…

They’re Just So…

…tempting, right?

I’m back, my friends, and I will be more consistent again. At the very least, I’ll be posting once a week. It’s not really definite whether I’ll do that or continue with the 3 times a week deal, but either way, I’m back.

There’s been demand for my posts, and I’ll admit that while I’ve been busy as fuck lately, I really shouldn’t have any excuses for not posting anything at all.

One Ridiculous Thing Is…

I never posted anything about THE CROSSFIT GAMES. WTF.

Yeah, I really did enjoy that weekend-long (well, close to week-long now with that mini triathlon on the Wednesday of that week), and it was pretty amazing to see Froning and Thorsdottir win their second titles in a row. Honestly, I’m not sure of what it really was that made me forgo any blogging during that time.

For serious…one of the main reasons I put together this blog was to post about this year’s Games. Oh well…something within me was just out of wack.

I can say that my motivation went down a bit after finding out the Games wouldn’t be “semi-live” this year on ESPN2…but that’s just another damn excuse.

So WHAT Have I Been Up To Then?

Okay, so along with a buddy of mine from high school and his roommate in college, together we in the process of launching our own startup:

Think of it as a marketplace where you can rent and rent out outdoor gear. Let’s say you want to try out stand up paddle boarding but don’t feel like dropping $500-$1000 on a board. Why not try before you buy?

That’s what Weekend Swap gives you the opportunity to do.

Also, if you want to set up your own side business of renting out outdoor stuff just lying around the house, this is your chance. Hell…if you put in enough time and money into it, you can use our platform to launch a full-time business.

The possibilities are endless.

We’ll be launching in the San Francisco area around the end of this month, but eventually we DO plan on spreading out to more places out there.

Regardless of where you live, do us a favor and please LIKE our page on Facebook. It would really mean a lot to myself and the rest of our team πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t be surprised if people start listing and borrowing CrossFit-related items on there as well.

My Own Progress

You know what?

I’m feeling pretty fuckin awesome right now. Aside from the excitement (and fear) of launching our startup, the pieces to my fitness puzzle are finally coming together.

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not eating Paleo right now. I’m actually doing Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet. You can check out the basics in this post.

For your lazy mofos out there, here’s what it pretty much is:

Rule #1: Avoid β€œwhite” carbohydrates
Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again
Rule #3: Don’t drink calories
Rule #4: Take one day off per week

From personal experience, I know going strict paleo is the way to go. However, I’m shooting for longterm results here and want to follow the Slow Carb Diet to the t just to see if it works. Some days have been off with my strict meals during the week, but even with the cheat days on Saturday (I call them “Carbicide Saturdays”), my weight has been gradually dropping (lost around 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks), been leaning out, metcons have improved significantly (burpees aren’t that bad anymore), and I’m still getting stronger (just PR’d my front squat on Saturday from 245# to 255#).

This strict 6 days a week and eat so hard Robb Wolf wanna fine me once a week way of eating is easy for me to maintain. It’ll be interesting to see where this will take me down the road.

Right now, my main goal is really to drop body fat. Once I feel good with the way I feel into my clothes and the way I look, then I’ll focus on performance.

One step at a time.

Lower Back Problems

Well…what do you know? Coach was right. Sitting all day was definitely one of the main reasons I’d mess up my back every time we did a high number of deadlifts.

When I put together my own standing desk, everything changed.

My productivity became a lot better, my posture has definitely improved, and my core/lower back seem much stronger than ever before. Tomorrow will be a true test of these changes as we have a 6 round workout with 10 deadlifts for each round. RX is 225#, which would be wayyy too much for me, so I’m just gonna go with something like 185# if my back is feeling right for it.

Life’s Busy. Scary. Yet So Exciting

Everything’s starting to come together for me in such a short amount of time. Rather than let all of this overwhelm me, I’ve learned over the past few months to just kip things simple. Between this blog, my startup, my nutrition and CrossFit, and other side projects, simplifying outcomes and goals is the way to go.

I’d rather do a small amount of work every day on each of these things than try to cram a SHITLOAD of stuff in one day, only to crap out in productivity for the rest of the month.

CrossFit has also taught me to simply acknowledge all this fear and just shoot for what I want in life. This startup my co-founders and I have is going to be a scary and exciting experience at the same time. While it’s cool hearing great feedback from friends about our idea and possibly becoming successful with it, I’m mainly all about the experience.

Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine, and after countless “failures,” I know my time has come. I’m ready to attack this venture head-on.

The beauty of it all?

It was specifically learning how to get under the bar for a heavy squat clean that’s taught me the right mindset for launching a startup. Yes, the risk is HUGE and things can totally go wrong.

However, with just the right amount of experience and knowledge (doesn’t have to be too much) and the willingness to commit and persevere, you can nail that rep. We can get to launch.

Check out our site and LIKE our Facebook page if you haven’t already. My buddy runs our Twitter so you can also Follow us on there.

Expect a new KippingItReal post on Wednesday or Thursday.

You guys rock! Thanks for making this CrossFit blog such an enjoyable experience.


2 Upcoming Ways To Kip It Real

Been working on some shit on the backend of in addition to other projects not related to this site, so I haven’t been that quick to respond on social media and whatnot.

Don’t worry, I’m picking up the slack, and I have some fun stuff for YOU. This is just a quick update on the new things coming up for you readers πŸ™‚

1) T-Shirts

I’ve had a few people asking about T-SHIRTS, so I’m already working on them. Internet dwellers have even been searching on Google for them. WTF. They don’t exist.


Kipping It Real T-Shirt Baily Froning Holmberg

They were forced to wear them...

Any design suggestions are welcome, so feel free to leave your 2 cents in the comments. I know some people already want a shirt with the logo, so that’s a given. Gotta love that stick figure dude.

Damn, it cost so much hiring a designer to make him…

2) The KippingItReal Forums

This should be interesting.

I’m making this happen 2 to 3 weeks from now. Either it’s gonna fail like your typical abandoned CrossFit forum, or it’s actually gonna become something. If you’ve read this far into this short entry, there’s a chance you’ll be checking out the forum, chilling with other cool readers, and posting good stuff, right?

Or maybe you just don’t give a shit.

Didn't Read LOL

Whatever. I’m taking my chances on YOU. Blog comments, Tweets, and Facebook timeline threads are fun and amusing, especially from mofos like Brad. However, I wanna see how things will be in a more centralized place. I’m really looking forward to what you all have to offer on the forums.

So what can you expect?

Memes. Shooting the shit. CrossFit discussions. Nutritional and workout journals. Learning from each other. Rainbows and unicorns. You get the idea.

Part of it will be NONSENSE, a place where you can just chill out and have fun. You know…a time sink πŸ˜› Another part will be for people who want to journal their progress and get some feedback from others. As I said to Wymberley earlier, sometimes writing things out will help you pick up on things you haven’t noticed before. This can be anywhere from terrible eating habits or minor problems with your double unders.

Okay, I’m done.

Kip it real, my friends.

P.S. I would like to thank coffee for existing or else this post wouldn’t have happened. That is all.

Guest Posting And Making Moves Like A Mofo

Remember That…

…guest post I was talking about? Well, guess what? It’s up!!! A few weeks ago, Jerred from hit me up, asking if I was interested in guest posting for him. I was just reading and commenting on his site a bit, cause I really dig this “fitness revolution” he has going on. He’s got a great site there.

So without further ado, here’s my guest post titled “The Method an Everyday Guy Uses to Revolt”. It’s basically my story of where I started in my fitness journey and where I am today. Hopefully it’ll inspire some of you on the fence about CrossFit to just give it a go.

Read it and if you enjoy it, comment on Jerred’s blog. Send him some love. Follow him on Twitter. Like him on Facebook.

Let’s start a fuckin revolution.

A Few Updates And A Boner

Guest Post!

Scheduled for Monday, I’ll have a guest post on a really cool fitness-related site. It’s pretty much about my fitness journey of ups and downs. You’ll get a feel for my beginnings and how I got into getting healthy, losing weight, and eventually getting into CrossFit.

As you know, CrossFit changes lives, so expect to come across a lot of things you can relate to when you read it on Monday πŸ™‚ It’s a long read, but I know you’ll read the whole thing.

New Kicks!

Just purchased a new pair of shoes for CrossFit today…finally! I’ve been using the same damn Nike SB skate shoes for 2 years, so it’s definitely time for a change. Can’t wait to test them out during tomorrow’s WOD. It looks like a good one.

Expect an extensive, ongoing review for these shoes. Wearing the right shoes for CrossFit has been so important to me, especially with stability for various lifts. It’ll be great to experience what it’s like to use a pair that’s actually made for the sport.

Going Hard!

I’m gonna be stepping things up with, my posts, promotions, and with life in general. For example, today I started showing up to my CrossFit class early so I can stretch properly and actually get some skill work in, rather than showing up at noon on the dot in time for the warmup. I managed to get some muscle up work in, although I wasn’t warm enough to actually get one haha.

So yes, I’ll be going hard for you guys. Got some inspiration from Matt Chan.

Matt Chan's Boner CrossFit 2012 CrossFit Games Regionals WOD 1 Diane


Matt Chan Diane Boner

Just kidding around Matt. It's all in love. Just don't get too excited πŸ˜›

CrossFit Loses ESPN Deal! WTF

ESPN CrossFit Deal Contract

Just kidding πŸ˜›

KIR News

Alright, so I just started this new “KIR News” blog category, which will basically be updates on the site itself, the #1 CrossFit blog. This site, as you can already tell, is a work in progress. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m doing on this site.

Sure, I can write a lot about motivational stuff, compare CrossFit to other things, and Photoshop a lot of stuff, but I need other things to post on here.

So what’s the next big addition? I’m going to dig through the darkest depths of the internet and post some of the best content on CrossFit out there. C’mon, everyone’s busy doing WOD’s, taking care of family, and saving the day, so how is everyone supposed to find this stuff?

That’s what I’m here for. After years of finding cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, I realized that so much EXCELLENT material goes unnoticed.

Doesn’t that suck? What about the people who actually have a knack for putting together CrossFit videos? What about those musicians who post songs about CrossFit on YouTube? And what about those other blogs out there that have really good insights yet never see the light of day?

Well, that’s what I plan to do for a good portion of my blog posts, splitting posts into the “Sweet Sites”, “Pics”, and “Vids” categories. Yes, my site is new, so how will these people in the CrossFit community get the exposure they deserve? It’s gonna happen. Trust me.

My goal is to have one of the announcers on ESPN2 say my domain name, on the air. Help me make this happen, and you all will get your time in the spotlight πŸ˜€

So if any of you want your blogs, Photoshops, vids, or anything else CrossFit-related on this site, feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, or use the contact form. I look forward to making this site insanely fun.