CrossFit Loses ESPN Deal! WTF

ESPN CrossFit Deal Contract

Just kidding 😛

KIR News

Alright, so I just started this new “KIR News” blog category, which will basically be updates on the site itself, the #1 CrossFit blog. This site, as you can already tell, is a work in progress. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m doing on this site.

Sure, I can write a lot about motivational stuff, compare CrossFit to other things, and Photoshop a lot of stuff, but I need other things to post on here.

So what’s the next big addition? I’m going to dig through the darkest depths of the internet and post some of the best content on CrossFit out there. C’mon, everyone’s busy doing WOD’s, taking care of family, and saving the day, so how is everyone supposed to find this stuff?

That’s what I’m here for. After years of finding cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, I realized that so much EXCELLENT material goes unnoticed.

Doesn’t that suck? What about the people who actually have a knack for putting together CrossFit videos? What about those musicians who post songs about CrossFit on YouTube? And what about those other blogs out there that have really good insights yet never see the light of day?

Well, that’s what I plan to do for a good portion of my blog posts, splitting posts into the “Sweet Sites”, “Pics”, and “Vids” categories. Yes, my site is new, so how will these people in the CrossFit community get the exposure they deserve? It’s gonna happen. Trust me.

My goal is to have one of the announcers on ESPN2 say my domain name, on the air. Help me make this happen, and you all will get your time in the spotlight 😀

So if any of you want your blogs, Photoshops, vids, or anything else CrossFit-related on this site, feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, or use the contact form. I look forward to making this site insanely fun.


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