Who The Hell Uses A Standing Desk?

I do.

I honestly thought using a standing desk was nonsense, even after seeing this infographic months ago:

Sitting Is Killing You Infographic

Click for the full-sized image.

As someone who spends HOURS every day on the computer for work, I knew I couldn’t keep sitting and slouching like I usually do all day. Sure, I go all out in my CrossFit WOD’s, but I really do spend a lot of my time in front of the computer.

A few days ago, I came across the infographic again and really thought about my daily routine outside the box…and shit.

Re-reading all those facts in that infographic was just downright scary. Sitting like that for so long every day just adds up. It obviously isn’t good for my health. On top of that, my posture takes a hit in the later hours of my day.

No bueno.

What Do I Have To Lose?

Yeah, I was thinking of following this tutorial for building a standing desk with stuff from IKEA for $22, but I thought of being creative today since today was an off day from the gym.

With the help of a piano chair, a bunch of hardcover books from college that I couldn’t sell, and a shitload of outdated, uber-geeky computer books, I managed to hack this together:

KippingItReal DIY Standing Desk Setup

Pretty ghetto, huh?

To help my feet out a bit through the day, I even dug up my old yoga mat from my P90X days.

How’s The Standing Desk So Far?

As expected, it’s not that comfortable, although I know my feet and calves will eventually adjust. It’s like the transition from wearing thicker running shoes to a minimalist shoe like the New Balance Minimus MX20.

At first, you question if you’ve made the right decision, then after a week or so, it seems like the best decision you’ve ever made.

Now Again…Why A Standing Desk?

For one, standing while doing work could possibly improve my productivity. A bunch of other guys I know who also work from home have said good things about it, so why not give it a shot? After a long sesh in my office chair, especially when I start to slouch, I get lazy. It’ll be interesting to see how this desk setup works for me.

And of course, the main reason I wanted to try this out is for my own health.

Sitting at my desk all day most likely is slowing down my progress. If I can see any direct improvements in my CrossFitting and in my physical results, then I’m all for this standing desk “nonsense.”

What Do You Guys Think?

At times, I do miss having a nitty-gritty, part-time summer job where I was doing a lot of hands-on work. I was just more active then. Sure, most of the time, I’d be sweating my ass off and making only a little bit of cash, but back then it seemed so much easier to get into shape.

Maybe the constant sitting has been the downfall of my recent lifestyle?

Regardless, I’m going to Kip It Real and try this out for a few weeks. I’ll play things by ear.


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HELL YEAH! I do concrete right now, and I’m glad that I don’t have to sit at a desk all day and that I have an ever ready source of vitamin D on top of me all day, but I’m sure all the stress and stuff is bad for me too. You should definitely go barefoot while your working, too! Loved the infographic, check this out from KStar http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/03/episode-187-death-by-chair-how-much.html


    Yeah, I’m barefoot and the yoga mat does help.

    Thanks for that Mobility WOD link. Watching it now.

    Btw, today when my coach noticed I tweaked my lower back for the 342743284 time today, he asked if I sit a lot throughout my day. So I mentioned that I have this new standing desk setup, and he said that could definitely help me out.

    We’ll see what happens.


      Good luck with the back!


        Thanks, Brad. Gotta modify my WOD’s for this week. Beats no working out at all though!


I also started using a standing desk about 2 weeks ago. My is a little fancier, I had a friend make a platform from melamine, from the $39 Treadmill desk site, and it is great. Was about 2 inches too high but a piece of wood and one of those microfiber kitchen mats from Bed, Bath and Beyond took care of that.

I really like it. Sure, my feet hurt at the end of the day but it overall feels better than sitting down.


    Sounds like a sweet desk to me!

    I’m actually going to upgrade mine with some of the materials from that tutorial I posted. They’re all cheap items from IKEA, so why not?

    My dad said the piles of books put too much continual stress on my desk, so $14 for the brackets and shelf for the keyboard/mouse shouldn’t be an issue.


Hah, your makeshift standing desk looks like the one I use at home– though mine is a table, a chair, and a couple of game board boxes (who knew board games would ever come in handy?)
Anyway, this is just what I use at home. At work I use a NextDesk and I LOVE it. It is adjustable in height, so I can just push a button and it moves to whatever height I want, which is really convenient for those times during the day that I do want to or need to sit down. I don’t have to move my stuff and pause what I’m doing, like I do at home.
What do you do if you feel like sitting down with your “standing desk?” Now that you know how it feels to stand for work, you might want to think about investing in something more permanent. Obviously, I recommend the NextDesk because I really like mine, but there are tons of options out there. you can see mine at nextDesk though (I use the Terra, check it out.)
Thanks for the post!

Pamela Kramer - A Renaissance Woman

Dude! Yes I have one. I also have a bar stool. Some times I get tired of standing. I got back and forth all day long. I work on the computer all day too in between getting kids etc., I have lots of fun issues. Does this mean anything to you? L4L5S1? I feel like it’s stamped on my forehead. I injured my back well over a year ago. Dead lifts? hand stands? running? Who knows what did it? I haven’t been the same since. I moved to a standing desk last month. It does help but it’s hard to adjust. I can be done. Good Luck!

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