Talk About BLOWING My WOD…

It Was A Messy Scene

I was ALL OVER the place…but how did that happen?

Could I NOT control myself?

Alright, alright…today’s workout started off AMAZING…then I shat the bed. It was one of those interval/lactate training workouts. Basically, you’ll want to puke your guts out after a round or two if done properly.


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Here’s what we had in store today:

10 Push presses (95#75#…went Rx babyyyy)
21 pull ups
200m sprint (100%)
rest 6 minutes
5 motherfuckin rounds


Yes, and boy did I not expect what I was getting myself into.

For the first round, I tore shit up…not gonna lie. The 10 push presses were smooth as butter, 21 pull ups were butterfly heaven, and that 200m sprint…I made Forrest Gump (post-leg braces!) look slow as shit.


All Positive Mindset Stuff Aside

Okay, I’m all about having a positive mindset. You know all that stuff that’d make a Tony Robbins fan cream their pants? But in this case, I know my body and its limits, especially with the asthma still affecting me.

Shit was getting bad with my wheezing during the round 1 sprint. I sounded like fuckin Thomas The Tank Engine.

Thomas The Tank Engine Inhaler Asthma


I gave that first round my all, and I knew hitting that level of intensity for the remaining 4 rounds would be me in some dangerous territory. As much as I wanted to go “balls to the wall”, taking care of my asthma and overall health comes first.

You just need to see the bigger picture here.

My 4 rounds after that were somewhere in between 2:18 and 2:32 each. Coach said to only do as many pull ups possible in 30 seconds if you can’t do them unbroken, so I had a range of 11-16.

Initially, I was really disappointed with the rest of my rounds, as I couldn’t do them in an ALL OUT sprint. Then I chatted it up with the owner on my way out, and it turns out things were all good. Instead of BLOWING my WOD, I did everything as expected.

We were supposed to go 100%. Oh…you know…as hard as #mattchansboner (oh The WODFather…). So we were expected to have a drop in time per round, rather than a consistent trend.

Also, the rest between rounds was purposely designed not to be enough for a near 100% recovery. GENIUS, I tell ya!

Now Even Though Today’s WOD Drained My Fluids…

…dehydrating me and whatnot, I’m SO PUMPED for tomorrow.



Oh, and we have double unders too. YEAH BUDDYYYYYYY!

Pink Jump Rope

What my rope might look like...

And ONE Last Thing…

Let’s GET SOME…discussion going on! I know there are a lot of you who read this blog every day, but have YET to comment! WTF is up with that? It seems like Elisa’s the only reader with BALLS (I don’t mean literally…but you get the idea :P) to post.

I dare ya to post a comment below. You don’t even need to use your real name. For serious. Even if you comment just to say “ Sucks Koala Asssss!!!!!!” DO IT!

Maybe you’re still fuckin clueless of how this works, so I’ll walk you through the process step by step:

1) Go to the “Leave A Reply” form below and fill out your name and email address (you can make up random shit for both…they’re just required to post)
2) (optional) Drop a link to your website, Twitter, or anything for some Google lovin…but PLEASE, no spammy Ugg Boot or Viagra links. Thanks in advance, asshole.
3) Leave some comment, any comment. As I said, “ Sucks Koala Asssss!!!!!!!” is perfectly fine.
4) Click the “Post Comment” button.

See…that’s some easy shit right there 😀


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I LOVE your blog ~ and sorry, yes, I would be one of the quiet few who read all your posts but probably keep quiet much too often.
(love your Pinterest stuff too, by the way)
I don’t write on my own blog very often, but I shared my blog on here as well.

Thanks for continuing to do what you do. You’re posts are witty, refreshing and funny as heck. Keep up the good work!


    OMG, Bethany! Why did you try to sneak in some Viagra links?!?! NO ONE’S supposed to know about that issue of mine…

    Just kidding 😛

    First of all, no need to apologize! You posted your first comment! I added your blog to my Google Reader as well. It doesn’t matter that you don’t blog often. There are so many people out there who say they’ll start a blog “someday” but never actually get around to it.

    You’re lightyears ahead of those lazy fucks.

    Thank you so much for reading!

    I want people to comment not because I’m HUNGRYYYYY for blog comments. Not at all.

    It’s for YOU. The readers. I want this site to eventually become a hub for CrossFitters just to chat, shoot the shit, share their 2 cents on various CrossFit topics.

    Yeah, there are forums and groups within social networks where you can kindaaaa do this. But let’s be cereal…they all SUCK 🙂


i totally here you!! for the last month and 1/2 i have been doing every WOD with difficulty breathing. my asthma NEVER required daily medication as it was always mild and hit in the spring time only. This yr has been soo bad! my MD made me do a pulmonary function test and eventhough she could not hear wheezing i definitly have difficulty taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out…hahaha and i am still doing CrossFit and improving every day! Like you my health comes first so i am doing what i need to do to take care of my asthma and bring it under control….so i can CrossFit BETTER!! i cant imagine what i will be able to do when i can breathe , hahahahaha!!! I knew today going into the WOD would be tough with my asthma but i showed up anyway! i didnt get as many rounds as i wanted…but tomorrow is a new day! Sometimes we are our own worst critics and have to appreciate what we accomplished in that day…not i could have , would have should have. So great job in what you accomplished today !! Keep on CrossFitting!! We are CrossFit STRONG!


    #CrossFitStrong we are! Thanks for the kind words, Elisa 🙂

    It’s great that you see the bigger picture as well. Yeah, it’s rough in the beginning on your asthma, but like with your current progress and gradual improvements, you know things will eventually fall into place.

    While I tend to take longer to recover from a period of living unhealthy compared to most people, today proved that I’m definitely back on track. That 1:31 time I got for round 1 was easily one of the fastest I saw on the whiteboard…so it wasn’t a bad workout after all.

    Like you, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Let’s hope my jump rope comes in the mail LOL.


Ran across your blog a few days ago. Funny stuff! I have been Crossfitting for about a year. Good times. Keep up the great work. Your blog is great to read and really funny. Thank you.


    Thanks, Rob! I’m glad to see people actually liking my shit, so it gives me more reason to KEEP WRITING 🙂

    How has your year of CrossFit been? Treatin you well?

    Just added your blog to my Google reader. Expect blog comments with links to penis pill offers!

robyn grant

I LOVE your blog. Just found it and dared be brave and post. Hell if I can go to Crossfit 5 days a week and survive I can leave a little reply. Thanks for posting. Its funny, inspiring and I LOVE IT. Especially the puking part. I am only a 5 month crossfit junkie but I am hooked. Keep writing this stuff… it makes my day.


    Thank you, thank you, Robyn!

    Just curious…do people really do feel afraid to post here? Well, that just shows you’re legit and cool in my book 🙂 More people need to be like you haha.

    There’s NOTHING to be afraid of here, folks! I don’t bite. I just joke around and love CrossFit.

    Only 5 months, huh? Kip At It and your life will only get better. I’ll Kip Writing as well since it makes your day!


First time I’ve ever read your blog was 30 sec ago and shit was funny! Always fun to be able to relate to a funny crossfit story! Bookmarking you right after this post.


    First of all, sweet name.

    Thanks for reading 30 seconds ago from 7:03pm EST! Glad you found my shit funny…so I guess that means I have to keep writing…

    Bookmarking, huh? That’s a first…well, at least the first time someone said that to me, cause most people seem to be too scared to drop a comment lol. Don’t worry, I write something every day, so come back later tonight or tomorrow!

Big Poppa

Funny shit and the fact that it’s true makes it even more legit.
One of the best things about CrossFit is the truth that comes out of it…each wod, everyday you have the opportunity to step the fuck up in your life, grab that shit by the horns and make that wod your bitch! Even if you feel like you had your ass handed to you, you just accomplished more than 95% of the excuse bearing, whiny ass, noworkingout, complaining drains on our healthcare system did in the last month maybe year! So kip on writing and haveaniceday! 🙂


    Thanks dude! CrossFit really does get you out of your comfort zone and makes you take things to another level.

    We fail. We make mistakes. As long as we come out a better person after the fact, nothing else matters.

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