Why The FUCK Do We Watch OTHER People Work Out?

It’s Quite Silly When You Think About It

Yes, we spend HOURS of our day…shit, our WEEKEND to watch OTHER people work out. What’s up with that? This random thought was inspired by this quick tidbit during the South East Regionals Day 1 Update Show.

And because I like you, here’s a link to the exact part of the video on YouTube for all you lazy poopy-heads.

Seriously…stop and pause for a second. Really think about this. Do we REALLY do this? I mean…to us, we’re watching athletes who inspire us. We want to be them. For the athletes we’re attracted to, we want to get with them (Ohhhhhh that nicely waxed Rich Froning, Jr. bodyyyy….WAIT…wut?). We want to support our friends and family representing our own CrossFit boxes.

It’s part of living the CrossFit lifestyle.

On Paper And To The Public…

…it’s pretty stupid. Let’s strip all the bells and whistles, the emotions we have tied to the sport, and whatnot. It really comes down to watching other people work out.


If you try to explain this shit to a rando or someone you know who knows NOTHING about CrossFit, you’ve pretty much warranted yourself a #coolstorybro.

Cool Story Bro

Most People Don’t Give A Shit

And that’s the truth. However, if you’re reading this blog post, there’s a high chance that you DO give a shit.

That’s all that matters.

CrossFit is my PASSION…if you can’t tell already. Who’d write a whole blog about a topic they don’t care about?

We’re the people who follow the CrossFit Games Regionals through Twitter each weekend. We’re the crazy fucks who spend their entire weekend in the Jumbotron chat, unless of course you have the privilege to attend a nearby Regional.

That’s another thing…we’re the people who’d travel HOURS to see our friends and family compete. As I said, this is just part of the lifestyle, and I’m fuckin proud of it.

We’re All In The Same Boat Of Fucked Up Individuals

Just accept it.

We love CrossFit. We drink the fuckin Kool-Aid. Someone just get me a funnel and let’s make a party out of it.

Greg Glassman Drinking Kool Aid

Greg Glassman...get it? OH YEAHHHHH

I’ve noticed all of us in the Jumbotron chat asking about each others’ Fran times, what color Reebok “workout bra” to buy, what box we go to (I think I’ve given enough info for you SUPER STALKERS to figure out where I work out…good luck…), etc.

To the outside world, we’re not normal. I’m okay with that.

Too bad the Jumbotron chat is only for this weekend and for the actual Games in July. Actually…it’s a good thing, so we can actually carry on with our lives…

…but really, I think most CrossFitters out there are hungry for a place to chat and shoot the shit. Correct me if I’m wrong. Post something in the comments.

2012 CrossFit Games Central East Regional Jumbotron Stream

I just find this comment amusing. No hate on Travis though.

People have asked me for tips on double unders (don’t worry, Michelle, I’ll cover that in the coming week), where I bought certain CrossFit items, and other CrossFit-related stuff, but as I’ve said before, I’m not an expert.

I’m just a crazy fan. I’m an everyday CrossFitter. That’s all.

So it’s gonna take your 2 cents, in addition to mine, to help people out. Since we’re all so proud of our love for CrossFit, why not share the love? It’s just like how you always see competitors cheering others on even after finishing their workout.

We can easily keep a lot of CrossFit info to ourselves, but what benefit will that really bring to us? CrossFit was designed to be an “open source” kind of a deal, so of course, bringing input and contributions from a wide variety of people from different backgrounds is a given.

That’s the only way the sport will grow and mature properly.

This “shooting the shit” project is something I’ve had my sights on for a while, so I’m gonna cook something up for you fuckers in the coming weeks.

Kip It Real, my friends.

P.S. Thanks for all the Facebook Like lovin:

1492 Facebook Likes

I feel like Christopher Motherfuckin Columbus.


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I thought maybe crossfitters were just incredibly illiterate in internet use; not many of us structureng the effort to spread the word. Good thing you are paving the way. Congrats on your “likes”. Hope I stack up soon.




    Lol it’s all good.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be saying I’m paving the way, and I do feel there are a lot of tech-savvy CrossFitters out there. It’s just that I don’t feel things are being done the right way. Also, there are definitely smarter and more creative people out there, but maybe they can’t get themselves to take action.

    I’m taking action 🙂


I couldn’t agree more. If you’re passionate about something, that’s what you talk about. I constantly talk about how CrossFit has changed my life. I even blog about it to track my progress. I am constantly trying to recruit folks to join our box using my results as an example. I don’t know if I’m right but I think that some crossfitters may not share because of the haters out there against the sport. Too that I say “Haters are like slinky’s. No fun til ya push em down the stairs!” Peace and God’s Speed. Keep on Keepin on.


    That Slinky quote is fuckin awesome man. Props.

    Yeah, with all the haters, I just talk about my passion like there’s nothing wrong about it. However, in terms of the sharing, that’s why I want to create a “hub” where we can do that amongst each other.

    It’ll be sweet but simple. You’ll all see in a week or two.

Becks 808

Guess who’s guzzling the Kool Aid in spades? The Moms. The almost 40 yr old moms (me) the post partum still lactating moms, the non athlete haven’t exercised in years moms. We love it !


    Imagine if you never thought of stepping into the box for the first time? Wouldn’t life suck?

Sharon Elaina

Well, that was a fun read! thanks. I love crossfit for the experience of getting the right attention back on my body but I love watching others because without some kind of intrique, amazement and excitement life is just too friggin boring!! I like being really impressed with someone else’s abilities and successes because it drives the useless idea of getting old and weak out of my mind. I’m one intense individual and need, need, need something on the outside to match. Crossfit fits the bill!!


    We all have various reasons for watching, Sharon. It’s cool how you watch these competitions for the excitement and inspiration.

    At times this weekend, I’d get goosebumps seeing people get that final muscle up despite all that fatigue. It just comes to show you the kind of stuff your body is possible. Most of the time, it’s really just your mind holding you back from hitting those sweet goals inside and outside the box.


I like to watch because it reminds me that I still suck ass and need to continue to work hard! Went to the South Central Regionals a few weekends ago and it was fucking awesome!!! Sitting around in the athlete area with my peeps, I looked around and just thought, “holy shit I wanna be on this side of the fence next yr!”. But those guys are on a whole other level so ill just keep working hard and see what happens. So much to master, so much to learn, so much to improve…soooo little time!!! FUCK YOU DOUBLE UNDERS!!! Ahhh, I feel better.


    Yeah, FUCKIN double unders. I’ll be writing about double unders tomorrow. Let’s just say I was easily the least coordinated jump roper in my class. My singles were shit.

    I just kept SHOWING UP. I didn’t care if I sucked all that time. Hell, I still suck at a lot of things. However, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I just gave up upon realizing I sucked at something.

    Kip at it!

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