Shit Just Got Real

You might’ve see my Facebook post and Tweet the other day. For those you didn’t.

On Friday, 2012 CrossFit Games tickets SOLD OUT.

Yes, you can read the official, in-depth announcement on the Games site.

Not 100% sure…but I also did come across someone’s post on the Games Facebook page. She said that she called up the box office and that more tickets will be released later this month. That doesn’t surprise me, as this kind of shit has happened to me before with events like this year’s Dave Matthews concerts.

It does suck ass for people who bought plane tickets and reserved hotels already without getting tickets. Yeah, you can say that’s pretty dumb, but shit happens.

Now My Point…

Whether there really are more tickets being sold later or not…tickets actually SOLD OUT. I’ve never gone personally, but you can see from previous years in videos and in the ESPN tapings how people would just be wandering around to different seats. It’s like going to a local minor league baseball game. The place never got full.

Just think about Event 4 in 2010, the “Sandbag Move.” (props to Brad for bringing this up in the Facebook group) A HUGE chunk of the seating area was used as part of the WOD. They clearly knew back then the stadium wouldn’t be filled to full capacity.

That’s why it just blows my mind that tickets sold out this quick. It’s just a sign that our sport is REALLY growing.

Shit just got real.

What Do I Think?

I wrote about CrossFit getting bigger in this post, and I still feel pretty much the same about things.

Bring it.

As I mentioned in the Facebook group, yes, this growth can become either a good or bad thing. I’m just going to hope for the best and keep CrossFitting. Even if it does BLOW UP and the whole culture changes in a bad direction, we’ll still be doing something fun that’ll keep us in shape.

Isn’t that the main reason we got into CrossFit? To work out?

I got tired of doing the normal chest and bi stuff and your typical cardio days. Do you ever see yourself going back to that boring nonsense? Never.

No Matter What, CrossFit’s Here To Stay

That’s why I don’t think CrossFit’s a fad. Yeah, there’ll be a bunch of new novelty workout programs similar to P90X and Insanity (although I’ll admit you can see results with these) popping up. These’ll come and go under different exercise variations and names. It’s just part of business. You need to stay fresh to keep selling, which is totally understandable.

For me, however, nothing beats progressing in something that’s always challenging and provides so much room for growth. While I don’t really see myself competing with the big dawgs (at least for now), I really enjoy competing against myself, my times, my previous records.

I’ve tried all sorts of exercise programs, and nothing is as addicting or effective.

So yeah…let’s see where this growth takes our community. This CrossFit blog might as well slipstream with the movement, right?

So what do YOU think about 2012 Games tickets selling out? What do you think about CrossFit growing? Post in the comments 🙂


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elisa romaniello

I think it is AWESOME that the CrossFit Games tickets are sold out! I think if someone like me who had never heard of CrossFit until i saw a quick excerp on the news back in Dec 2011 and then check it out on line…CrossFit is mainstream and i think will just get BIGGER!! I dont see how CrossFit is a Fad! CrossFit can be done by and appeals to all ages, sizes, ethnic groups and genders! The CrossFit community is supportive, positive, encouraging, uplifting, empowering to every skill level from beginner to advanced elite athletes! CrossFit challenges and supports us to be the best we can be! I am a single mom of 3{2 teens& 1 in college} 46yrs old, work fulltime, i was over weight, newly diagnosed high blood pressure, have asthma, had knee surgery Nov 2010 and couldnt squat or do a lunge without falling over{and i was working out with a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness and was getting weaker} i started on ramp classes Dec 19, 2011 and just this weekend i finished my 1st challenge @PortCrossFit, i am 26lbs down, my blood pressure is normal , i can squat “ass to grass”, run, wall balls, kettle bells, burpees, and now i can do walking lunges 100ft with a weighted ball with my arms straight overhead and i know what power cleans, snatches, thrusters, deadlifts are and I LOVE IT ALL!! Now i am training for the Festivus Games in Aug as a Novice…..why? because its fun, its a challenge and I CAN!! God Bless CrossFit and my Coaches at PortCrossFit…Crossfit truly has changed my life!! So I will Keep CrossFitting and growing with the sport as it becomes mainstream. oh yeah my kids now brag about me when they see the Reebok commercials for CrossFit “my Mom does that”!! their friends response “your mom is soo cool”! Smiling!! Winning!!


    Look at you, Elisa 🙂 Your progress just keeps getting better and better. I’ll admit that I still need to step up my nutritional game, but your comments keep pushing me forward.

    It must be pretty awesome to have your kids brag about you, huh?

      elisa romaniello

      it is really awesome for my kids to say “go for it mom” when i wanted their opinion about competing in Festivus Games! i am truly blessed with having the 3 of them!


I was surprised tickets sold out that quickly however like you said, they may release more at a later time. It is definitely growing with new boxes opening all over the place. We’ll see what happens.


    Pretty crazy, right? Yeah, just gotta go with the flow. I’m still CrossFitting no matter what 🙂


Of course its growing…why wouldn’t it. It’s exactly what people have been looking for. It’s effective, its fun, and I don’t see myself ever getting bored with it. I often think about the old chest n triceps, back n biceps routine and laugh. I could never go back and I know anyone that gives crossfit a shot would fill the same way. I think we will see exponential growth over the next 2 years for better or worse.

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