What’s The CrossFit Games Monitor?

Not A Baby Monitor…

…or some kind of ankle bracelet Lindsay Lohan would wear.

Lindsay Lohan Ankle Bracelet

No, we’re talking about this CrossFit Games Monitor at:

Yours truly was featured on this CrossFit news aggregator yesterday, mainly due to its awesomeness. I mean, KippingItReal.com is the best CrossFit blog EVARRRR, so you can’t expect anything less 😛

If you want to know what’s going on daily in the CrossFit world and need a break from my rambling, check out that CrossFit Games Monitor.

Don’t You Feel Fat Right Now?

Damn The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter CrossFit Bunny Rowing

Credit goes to Robert Garza on Facebook.

Yes, blame this asshole over here.

For those of you who celebrated Easter yesterday, you’re probably regretting your food choices, right? I woke up this morning feeling like garbage thanks to the sheer quantity of food I had on top of the drinking. What a winning combo.

Are You Hating Yourself Right Now?

Don’t be. Okay, we’ve all complained on Facebook or Twitter about feeling fat or wanting to go on a diet now. What you ate yesterday or all weekend is in the past. It’s done. Yes, you ate like a king or queen, and now feel like a fat mofo. Acknowledge all this and move forward. Fixating upon your recent eating is only going to screw with you mentally.

But You Love The Validation?

Ah…another reason why we like posting about these things on social media. When people start liking or commenting on your posts, agreeing with you or cheering you on in your pursuit of fitness, you feel that sense of satisfaction.

Facebook Likes Twitter Retweets Validation

“Yes, I’m on the right track!”
“Gotta love all these people agreeing with me!”
“Everyone can relate!”

But will all that validation from your friends directly result in your success? Nope.

Sure, those motivating words can give you that initial boost you need to fix up your nutrition and workout more consistently. However, there’s also that negative effect. You’ll feel partially satisfied with whatever effort you’ve put in so far (little to even nothing at all). There’s that high chance you’ll slack off and fall off track.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post things about your goals and achieving them. That’s some of the stuff I’d love people to post about on here. It’s just bad if you’re relying upon that validation to take action.

Get Things Done

Many of you, since you’re already part of the CrossFit world, have a decent idea of what you have to do to hit those WOD PR’s and to look better if that’s your goal.

DO IT. Take action.

CrossFit Loses ESPN Deal! WTF

ESPN CrossFit Deal Contract

Just kidding 😛

KIR News

Alright, so I just started this new “KIR News” blog category, which will basically be updates on the site KippingItReal.com itself, the #1 CrossFit blog. This site, as you can already tell, is a work in progress. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m doing on this site.

Sure, I can write a lot about motivational stuff, compare CrossFit to other things, and Photoshop a lot of stuff, but I need other things to post on here.

So what’s the next big addition? I’m going to dig through the darkest depths of the internet and post some of the best content on CrossFit out there. C’mon, everyone’s busy doing WOD’s, taking care of family, and saving the day, so how is everyone supposed to find this stuff?

That’s what I’m here for. After years of finding cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, I realized that so much EXCELLENT material goes unnoticed.

Doesn’t that suck? What about the people who actually have a knack for putting together CrossFit videos? What about those musicians who post songs about CrossFit on YouTube? And what about those other blogs out there that have really good insights yet never see the light of day?

Well, that’s what I plan to do for a good portion of my blog posts, splitting posts into the “Sweet Sites”, “Pics”, and “Vids” categories. Yes, my site is new, so how will these people in the CrossFit community get the exposure they deserve? It’s gonna happen. Trust me.

My goal is to have one of the announcers on ESPN2 say my domain name, KippingItReal.com on the air. Help me make this happen, and you all will get your time in the spotlight 😀

So if any of you want your blogs, Photoshops, vids, or anything else CrossFit-related on this site, feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, or use the contact form. I look forward to making this site insanely fun.

I’ll Leave The Legit Stuff To The Experts

I’m No Expert

Yes, we’ve all read Robb Wolf‘s The Paleo Solution. Yes, I felt like an expert after reading it. Am I an expert on Paleo? Hell no. Keeping up with good nutrition habits is my weakness, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. Who the hell would listen to some out-of-shape blogger?

What about lifts and CrossFit movements? Sure, I got my squat down thanks to Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, but I’m definitely not qualified to instruct people on that stuff.

I’m just your everyday CrossFitter who likes to have fun at the gym and put on a “sick fuck” type of smile in the middle of a WOD. That’s just me. Maybe I’ll post some reactions to what other people write about in regards to nutrition and lifting techniques. That’s pretty much it. I’m leaving that legit advice to the REAL experts.

I’m more of a for-fun, motivational CrossFit blogger. During a WOD, it’s always fun to get the guy or girl next to you all pumped with some words of encouragement. It seems simple, but many times, they’ll be so happy that you got them all amped to get some last few reps in.

That’s just my style.

The class environment also gives me time to goof off in my day. Oh, the coach wants us all to step closer to him and the white board? I’ll stop a few inches in front of him with a straight face, looking at the writing on the board, as if nothing’s wrong.

I love trolling like that haha. Expect random Photoshop jobs and videos trolling all things CrossFit. And don’t worry, I’m not like your typical internet troll. The general definition of an internet troll goes along the lines of an internet bully, which is definitely something I’m not. If anything, I’ll make fun of myself just to get you guys to laugh and smile.

Life’s too short. That’s why I try to smile and laugh as much as possible.

Rich Froning Diet Yolo

Original Picture from DSLR Inspirations - Sevan Matossian (http://blog.sevanmatossian.com/?p=1333)

CrossFit And The X-Games

A Bit Of Nostalgia

I’ll never forget 1999 when Tony Hawk was the first person to land the 900 in the X-Games. You just knew it was gonna happen. Everyone, even though they were competitors in the same even, was cheering Tony on, hoping he’d be the first ever in the history of skateboarding to land the trick.

And he did.

I thought about this recently because I saw a video a few days ago of Tom Schaar, a 12 year old, who just landed the 1080 for the first time.

The X-Games Remind Me Of CrossFit

Seeing that video again of all those people crowding around Tony and cheering him on that whole time reminds me so much of your typical CrossFit experience. Whether you’re in a competition at your box or simply in a normal class, there will always be someone cheering someone else on. Maybe an athlete might be struggling with a certain movement or a PR is about to be set on Fran. Either way, you have that support from other people in the box to get you to finish those last few reps or to step it up a notch for that last minute.

Where CrossFit Helps You Break Barriers

You’ll have your physical barriers slowing you down, but there’s nothing like your mental barriers. What a bold-hearted bitch lol. That’s where the whole mental game gets to you. However, when you’re sooooo amped from the adrenaline of a whole crowd or even one person cheering you on, you do ridiculous stuff your mind didn’t think your body was capable of. Out of nowhere, you become a machine. Your rip weight off the floor like it’s nothing. You sprint like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s a beautiful thing.