I’ll Leave The Legit Stuff To The Experts

I’m No Expert

Yes, we’ve all read Robb Wolf‘s The Paleo Solution. Yes, I felt like an expert after reading it. Am I an expert on Paleo? Hell no. Keeping up with good nutrition habits is my weakness, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. Who the hell would listen to some out-of-shape blogger?

What about lifts and CrossFit movements? Sure, I got my squat down thanks to Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, but I’m definitely not qualified to instruct people on that stuff.

I’m just your everyday CrossFitter who likes to have fun at the gym and put on a “sick fuck” type of smile in the middle of a WOD. That’s just me. Maybe I’ll post some reactions to what other people write about in regards to nutrition and lifting techniques. That’s pretty much it. I’m leaving that legit advice to the REAL experts.

I’m more of a for-fun, motivational CrossFit blogger. During a WOD, it’s always fun to get the guy or girl next to you all pumped with some words of encouragement. It seems simple, but many times, they’ll be so happy that you got them all amped to get some last few reps in.

That’s just my style.

The class environment also gives me time to goof off in my day. Oh, the coach wants us all to step closer to him and the white board? I’ll stop a few inches in front of him with a straight face, looking at the writing on the board, as if nothing’s wrong.

I love trolling like that haha. Expect random Photoshop jobs and videos trolling all things CrossFit. And don’t worry, I’m not like your typical internet troll. The general definition of an internet troll goes along the lines of an internet bully, which is definitely something I’m not. If anything, I’ll make fun of myself just to get you guys to laugh and smile.

Life’s too short. That’s why I try to smile and laugh as much as possible.

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Jessica Halloran

I will bookmark your blog and check up here frequently. Loving it so far!


    Thanks for commenting, Jessica! Yes, please come back frequently. Expect several posts every day haha.

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