Fat Kid Stories: A Loaf of Bread and Me with Some Dragonball Z

I Have No Clue Why I Remember This

Okay, so yesterday, I was just thinking about my overall CrossFit goals, my progress all these years, and also my fluctuations. I’ve come to the conclusion that my main focus with CrossFit should be just to drop the fat and get back into healthy mode.

Yes, I have made HUGE progress since getting back into the swing of things around the same time I started this blog. My breathing is definitely in a lot better condition than even before my trip to the Philippines. My running has improved. My lifts are BETTER than ever. And I managed to lean out a bit.

Despite all those improvements and accomplishments, I know I need to drop the excess fat before I can really progress in bodyweight movements and metcons. And honestly…right now, I just want to look good in my clothes…naked too 😛 Not gonna lie.

So that’s what I’ll strive for in the coming months. Sure, my performance and lifts will take a hit along the way, but that doesn’t mean I’ll abandon being around 170# forever. Once I get my weight down to around 150# or so in lean fashion and I feel like pushing things to the next level, then I’ll go for a clean bulk. That’ll help me get in better performance mode.

For now, I just want to be healthy and slimmer.

As I was thinking about all this stuff yesterday, I randomly thought of my fat kid days. Back then, I had NOOOO idea what was really considered “healthy” nutrition. All my pediatrician told me to do at the time was drink skim milk and eat less.

Thanks man…

On top of that, I always thought the traditional food pyramid was THE way to go to live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, I thought this was a good reason to eat loads of grains…rice, bread, and pasta galore.

This one instance of fat kid misinformation that stood out was this time in maybe 5th or 6th grade. Shit. It’s such a pathetic story, but I’ll go on…

…I was watching the Japanese anime cartoon Dragonball Z. It was a longgggg marathon of 3 movies or something. Of course, as a fatass, I couldn’t go through those movies without munching on some food.

Dragonball Z

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any snacks at the time…so I had to be a bit “creative.” My poison of choice? A motherfuckin LOAF of bread. Hell yeah!

Dragon Ball Z Bread

If I remember correctly...it was potato bread...

At first, I thought I would only have a few slices. I was hungry and I just wanted something to nibble on as I watched these dudes duke it out and shoot energy beams at each other. Oh the joys of youth. So carefree. And fat 🙂

I Blame It On The Cartoon And The Damn Food Pyramid

For those of you not familiar with the cartoon, these guys “power up” every once in a while to launch some crazy attack or energy beam/ball on their opponent. Here’s an example:

Whenever I see these, I get all PUMPED.

You know that adrenaline rush you get during a WOD? That second wind? That final push through one more set of reps?

Sadly, I was so pumped that I kept eating slice after slice of that loaf of bread. Before I knew it, I finished the whole thing.


Fuck you, food pyramid.

Fuck The Food Pyramid

Okay…The Truth Is…

…I can only blame myself.

It’s just funny what I thought was considered “healthy” at the time. I mean c’mon…if it were healthy, why wasn’t I seeing results? Oh right…my portions were ridiculous and I didn’t exercise. That should do it.

Regardless, it’s fun looking back at this kind of stuff. Now that I have a clearer focus with CrossFit, I’m ready to attack it and succeed.

Don’t worry…I believe that was the first and only time I consumed a whole loaf of bread on my own 😛

Kip it real, my friends.


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As I jam chips in my mouth and drink a beer…on my 5th cheat day in a row, I can relate. Fuck

elisa romaniello

This is what happens when your diet is on target….i eat strict paleo and dont feel like i am sufferring at all!! 6/8 Eat Clean Train Dirty Challenge Results http://www.portcrossfit.com/home/2012/6/7/68-eat-clean-train-dirty-challenge-results.html


    CONGRATS! Holy shit. I’m so proud of you, Elisa 🙂 You seem to be moving in only one direction right now.


      elisa romaniello

      THANKYOU! Holy Shit is right!! i am still in shock!! I am so proud of myself!

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