Fatties Eating Paleo?

Thanks for the Tweet, Robb!

Robb Wolf tweeted this article yesterday from PaleoParents.com. It’s about this couple proving that you don’t need to be an “elite athlete” to see the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle. And no, I’m not trolling here. I just like messing with readers through my titles πŸ˜›

I’m actually really proud of Matthew, Stacy, and their family on PaleoParents.com. Check out their story for info on where they came from. Losing 200 pounds together as a couple is no easy feat!

As someone who was fat for so many years and has regressed a bit, I know what it’s like, especially when people know you’re on a diet like Paleo. You’ll get a lot of criticism. Whenever you regress, people will notice and talk about it. They just simply assume you’re supposed to get shredded after eating it. If that’s your goal, then sure, you gotta really work for it. However, for Matthew and Stacy, they’re doing it for the health benefits. Not long ago, Stacy was severely overweight, so taking upon the Paleo habits really did save her life.

How awesome is that?

The problem is the general public doesn’t “get it”. Matthew and Stacy are doing it the right way with gradual, long-term results. Sure, they might have regressed at times here and there, but they’re staying healthy for good. In the future, they’ll be lightyears ahead of the people who went for the quick fitness results and stopped living healthy after a short amount of time.

They went for a lifestyle change, not simply a diet. That’s when you know, as long as this couple sticks with it, they’ll be fine.

Most people want instant transformation. We’re all about instant gratification, right? Well, what you’re seeing with the Paleo Parents is something that’s REAL – everyday people who really are trying to stay healthy. While their health isn’t where they want it to be, they’ve made lots of progress and are continuing to take action.

I’m guilty at times of spending too much of my time reading than taking action. Learning and expanding your knowledge is great and all, but what’s the use when you’re not applying what you’ve learned. That’s another reason I give huge props to Matthew and Stacy. They’ve acknowledged their health issues and are continuing to DO SOMETHING about it.

I’m Also All About Health

Of course, my primary goal is my health as well, as Paleo and CrossFit helped get rid of my asthma once and is helping me do it again. Sure, in addition to that, I want to be shredded.

Then again, just because someone would look perfect on a magazine cover does’t mean he or she really is healthy. They might just have good genetics, ya know? For all we know, that person could be starving themselves or eating cookies for breakfast. Shit.

Everyone has a different story, so you can’t come up with some cookie-cutter solution or assumption about someone’s health. Only you can really unlock the secrets of your body.

Haters Gonna Hate

I think it’s ridiculous that people would take the time out of their day to constantly harass this family through email and on their site. C’mon! Your life must suck if you drop everything else you have to do and write something nasty like:

“Stacy looks a mess to me, despite her weight loss, and eating meat x3 meals a day is NEVER going to make you healthy. full stop. Even the idea of it makes me feel ill.
when I found your website I thought it was good to start with then I realised it was all about selling some book and making money. Shame really. I really don’t want to hear one more word about ELaD, especially when it’s followed by a post written by Stacy saying how shit her health is. How is Paleo so great if your health is still bad???????????”

I participate in a forum (not CrossFit-related) where trolling can get pretty crazy, although not to the point where feelings and families are seriously messed with. This really draws the line.

All I gotta say for Matthew, Stacy, and their family is to keep up the awesome work. While I’m not having kids anytime soon, I’m sure it’s hard enough raising a family as it is. And to instill Paleo values while doing so? Huge props.

Everyone has their own goals. Ours may not exactly be the same, but that’s the beauty of life. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of going about things. We all have our own story to tell. If we didn’t, life would be boring as fuck. Who would want to follow the same exact path as everyone else? I don’t know how that’d work out. Do what you want to do. Believe in what you want to believe in.

Matthew and Stacy, keep on pushing forward in your nutritional journeys. You’re an inspiration to me and have shown the world that Paleo is for EVERYONE.

Haters gonna hate.


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