Why CrossFit Sucks

Wait…I really think CrossFit sucks?

Well…CrossFit sucks when your body complete shuts down during Fran haha.

My goal of a sub-5 minute Fran just didn’t happen. As much as I wanted to get that time, my body simply broke down.

On the bright side…I did improve my hang squat clean form and PR’d my front squat prior to that 5 minute AMRAP of Fran (basically a 5 minute cap). Sure, I can easily blame the lifts before Fran, but I’m not going to do that. It was just one of those days. As my friend just texted me:

Not Your Fran Day

I did catch myself shitting myself mentally…

…when I couldn’t get the first 21 pull ups unbroken.
…when I had to break up my set up 15 thrusters.
…when I didn’t even finish the 15 pull ups within 5 minutes.

Why CrossFit Sucks

You win some, you lose some, ya?

No worries. There are still many more opportunities to get a sub-5 minute Fran time. My hang squat clean form improved a lot thanks to 1 tip from my coach. The rep scheme we had for these was Did 3 reps of 185#, then 2 of 205#. I knew 225# was what I wanted next, followed by 230# to tie a previous PR that was pretty damn ugly from what I remember.

The first try of 225#…uh…it looked terrible as fuck. I didn’t catch it high enough, so I muscled through it, even walking forward to help lock the bar properly on my shoulders to finish the rep.

I’m never proud of myself whenever I have to resort to such shit. Why? Pretty much every time it happens, I have the strength in me to pull it off properly. My form would just be off.

That’s why rather than screw a part of my body up with 230# on the next attempt, I knew I had to get 225# clean this time. Coach did some pretty good teaching when he asked if I knew why I ended up leaning forward like that. I said it was cause I couldn’t get under the bar enough to catch it properly. But he said there was more…

…my biggest issue was not extending my body enough during the pull of the hang squat clean. I’ve been focusing way too much on the drop all this time. So I listened to coach, and guess what happened?

I caught that fuckin barbell with the best form I’ve ever had. Feels good man. And to think about a year ago I couldn’t even do a normal squat clean, let alone hang squat clean, at over 200#.

And my front squat? My last PR from August was 255#…went for 265#…had it…but for some reason I had to drop the weight about halfway up. Went for 260# with a tough battle for the last quarter of the rep, and BOOM. Got it. Rang our PR bell lol.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling much better about today’s workout. It didn’t affect the rest of my day, but it was a bummer at the time that I didn’t even come close to finishing Fran. Combining the racing of my heart post-workout and feeling a bit like shit, things weren’t looking good. Seriously, if I didn’t chill the fuck out during our cool-down stretch, I probably wouldn’t have accomplished anything else today.

Gotta love simple breathing/meditation exercises.

CrossFit sucks when you’re not eating right…

…that’s true. While I did have success with upping my carbs during my back-loading the past few weeks, this weekend I went overboard, as I mentioned yesterday. It did catch me by surprise to see Fran for today, so next time…I’ll be prepared.

Even with a cheat day on Saturdays, I know I’ll be able to handle Fran if she decides to show up again on a Monday. That bitch.

Kip it real, my friends.


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Fran is a cold hearted &*#%. Personally, I wouldn’t care so much if I could hang clean as much you. Congrats! That is great! To make sure I get extension, I always think about getting my shoulders as far back as I can with straight arms, and that has worked pretty well for me. The front squat, very nice also! Don’t drop it next time, once you’re out of the hole don’t stop!

CrossFit doesn’t suck, but Fran definitely does. BTW! You should try doing fran with just the bar, its still pretty hard but this way you get a feel for what it is like to do it unbroken and the kind of pacing you need! Kip it real.


    I love CrossFit. Always will haha.

    With the clean extension, yeah, I need to work on the shoulders, ESPECIALLY with keeping my arms straight. I only started doing that recently. As for the front squat, I dropped it cause my back was rounding lol. Gotta commit more to staying on my heels to maintain my balance.

    Fran with just the bar sounds like a good idea! I can normally do the the 21s unbroken, but mid-way through the 15 thrusters is where I usually shut down. Gonna have to try that out one day. Pacing is something I still need to consider with Fran as I can’t go balls to the wall like those sub-3 or less guys and girls.


      heavy clean pulls are your friend! and on the squat just keep the core tight, don’t breath!

      fran’s a mystery, and I usually fall apart at the same point as you. I’ve got pretty good pull ups so that saves me a lot 🙂


Kind of stupid to mention that you did front squats and hang squat cleans before trying to get a sub 5 fran, and then say that you’re not going to try to use that as an excuse — when you just did without having the stones to do it. Passive aggressive, huh?

Typical crossfitter.


    Working in clean technique, going for a 1RM, then trying to get a pr on a conditioning workout. WTF are you crossfitters doing? Pick one at a time and do it right. BTW- your front squat is impressive.


Men, Fran are big words. Even when being you prepared Fran will always surprise you 🙂
That’s the good thing about this WOD. I love it 🙂
Still, good job 😉 and keep going.

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