I Don’t Have It In Me

Have You Ever…

…caught yourself saying that?

It happens in that type of WOD that takes a piece of your life away for a few minutes. It happens when you’re grinding late into the night on a project and the fuckin coffee doesn’t seem to kick in. It happens when you “think” NOTHING is left in the tank.

The Games Athletes…

…inspire me. Seeing competitors go for that ONE last muscle up in both the final team and individual events is just so inspirational. For the big dawgs, it was a piece of cake. Some of the individual competitors did them unbroken.

Rich Froning Jr Muscle Up

However, for those who really struggled with that last rep, it was something. I believe it was when the last girl on Team Rogue Gahanna went for it. That moment gave me GOOSEBUMPS. Seriously.

People in the chat were going nuts. Yeahh…you can only use CAPS and bang out random characters within a chat so much to show how amped you are…but we all got it. We knew what was happening, and it almost felt like we were there cheering her on.

When you think about those times you just gave up or called it a night and you clearly could’ve gotten shit done, these CrossFit Games moments drive you to do better. To push for that extra hour of work. To get those last 10 reps unbroken. To break that damn mental barrier.

We All Can’t Be Setting “World Records”

That’s what the PR’s are for. We keep setting our OWN goals and shattering them. It’s a never ending cycle. Of course, your progress will level out at some point, but imagine if you NEVER pushed yourself that one little bit to become better?

We all have a little more fuel in the tank than we expect, no matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes you just need that external inspiration to KICK YOUR ASS and get you to push the boundaries.

We Have A New Week Ahead Of Us

I know most people fuckin HATE Mondays. Whatever. I live for them. Bring it.

We have a lot of shit that needs to get done. WOD’s. Work. Family. Bills. School. Bullshit.

Whenever you feel you’re hitting that barrier, think of the Games. Think of getting that one last muscle up. Mustering the physical and mental strength isn’t gonna be easy, but think about how sweet it’ll be when you push through.

“I don’t have it in me?” FUCK that noise.


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Once again…nail on the head!


Good blog. Knock it out of the box.


Bingo! Coolest thing I saw at regionals was that the guy/girl in last place giving everything they had just to finish often got more cheers than the one that finished it first. It’s what sets us apart I think! Because we all know how deep you gotta dig sometimes just to finish.


    I’ll admit that when I used to come in last in workouts that it kinda sucked when people would cheer you on like that. Part of you feels good cause you’ve got that support. At the same time, part of your ego gets crushed a bit.

    But yeah, you gotta dig deep to find the best version of yourself.

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