What Happened To “Forging Elite Sarcasm”?

But That Guy’s An Ass…

C’mon, that stuff’s funny. For a while, ForgingEliteSarcasm/Drywall CrossFit was one of my favorite off-beat CrossFit blogs. The guy was a true troll.

His post I’ll never forget was his review on “EA Sports CrossFit Games 2012”. Obviously it was a joke, but I sent a friend of mine the Photoshop of only the Xbox 360 cover and he thought it was legit lol.

Here it is:

EA Sports CrossFit Games 2012

From forgingelitesarcasm.com

Good stuff, right?

So as I was getting this blog off the ground (still barely is), I was hoping to read and post on Forging Elite Sarcasm, only to find out the blogger’s done with CrossFit posts. What?!?! I’m not totally sure if this guy actually CrossFits. He said he’s not really into the subject but just enjoys making fun of CrossFit blogs.

Fight Club Project Mayhem Cult

Project Mayhem, anyone?

Regardless, that blog was hilarious. Yes, we can feel all “elite” from drinking the Kool-Aid and can get defensive whenever someone criticizes our sport. You just can’t help but laugh though. Sometimes you just have to step back and not take some of this CrossFit stuff too seriously. It’s one of the reasons the sport gets that “cult-like” vibe.

Then again, what the hell’s wrong with drinking the Kool-Aid? I enjoy every minute of it.

Greg Glassman Drinking Kool Aid

Greg Glassman...get it? OH YEAHHHHH


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Shit got played, son.

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