Pinterest: It’s Like Accidentally Walking Into A Showing Of The Vow

This is Pinteresting…


…at first, Pinterest to me was a big WTF. By the way, FOLLOW ME on there by the way if you haven’t already.

So yeah, as a huge techie, I was all pumped up about this new social network that was getting all this hype. Of course I had to check it out. Hearing it was all exclusive and had somewhat of a what to get an invite, I sought out friends who already had invites to get into this “exclusive” circle. It was obviously for marketing purposes.


"omg i'm like a hott mess..."

Once I finally got an account and the damn system automatically added Facebook friends who were on there (this was awkward cause it added a bunch of people I haven’t talked to in years), I realized something. Shit…I might as well have walked into a showing of The Vow. It’s like if you dumped the contents of a college girl’s bag on the floor.

After a little bit of browsing around, I came to the conclusion that I had no intention of planning my wedding or finding a buttload of pics that have “Live. Laugh. Love.” plastered on them.

That was the end of my personal Pinterest account.

Then I Made An Account For KippingItReal

And I can say I actually have a reason to check things out. No…not to FAP FAP FAP to pics of CrossFit girls lol. Although I’ll admit the collection of CrossFit girls you can find on Pinterest is quite distracting…

Pinterest CrossFit Girls

Uh yeah...I'm just "working"...

Simply do a quick search on CrossFit, and you’ll come across related pins (postings), boards (collections of pins), and people to follow. The pins, for the most part, are HILARIOUS. I hope you like internet memes and actually “get” them, cause here are some of my favorites:

Source: via KippingItReal on Pinterest

And of course, a great twist to one of my favorite internet memes:


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