Again Faster Grips Saved My Workout

It’s A Love/Hate Relationship

First of all, I just want to say that I am NOT associated in any way with Again Faster. This is simply my own review of the Again Faster Grips. I don’t make any affiliate commissions from this.

Again Faster Grips Pair Kipping It Real

At first, I was all about these grips. I hated normal lifting gloves because they ruined my grip, whether we’re talking pull-ups or barbell movements. I was constantly ripping my hands at the time, so I needed a solution. Admittedly, I wasn’t taking care of my hands – filing calluses down, moisturizing, etc. – as well as I should’ve been.

So a few months ago, I spent $19.95 or so (they’re now $21.95) and decided to give them a shot. Since it was a reasonable price for the pair, I didn’t really care if they didn’t work to my liking. For once, my hands didn’t hurt during pull-ups! My first test was a good WOD, too. If I remember correctly, it was an AMRAP of pull-ups and overhead squats. Even during the OHS’s, I was pretty impressed.

Then after a while, I realized that while my hands were more protected, my grip suffered. I had to squeeze the bar harder to maintain the grip, although my hands didn’t hurt. Going for high volume pull-ups was rough because there would be a bit more strain on my forearms.

That’s why for the past few weeks, I honestly stopped using them. If only the grips were a bit thinner, then maybe I’d enjoy pull-ups with them more.

Then Today I Had No Choice

The last 5 minute AMRAP of our WOD consisted of 10 toes-to-bar and 5 ring dips…two of my least favorite movements. After 2 rounds, my hands were in so much pain from the past few days, so I ran to my gym bag and snagged my grips. My toes-to-bar weren’t pretty, but I managed to get through the last 3+ minutes of the AMRAP. No rips thanks to the grips 🙂

Again Faster Grips Wear Kipping It Real

It’s Different For Everyone

Generally, I prefer not using any gloves or grips whatsoever. However, there are situations where you just need some protection (lol). That’s when you might need something like the Again Faster grips. While I don’t think they’re for everyone, they’re cheap enough to try out.

Again Faster, if you guys are reading this, I just wished the grips were thinner! Even though it may not seem much, its current thickness makes it a lot harder for me to stay on the pull-up bar. I’d be all over a thinner version 2 of these grips 🙂

Do you feel these grips might be for you? You can find out more here.


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Jon Gilson

Thanks for the review. The grips are meant for the exact purpose you detailed, defending against high volume-induced rips. I was using whole rolls of athletic tape every time I’d suit up for high-rep pullups, so we made these to save some dough. I’m glad to hear they saved your WOD. I use them when demonstrating the kip swing at L1 Seminars, and they definitely do the trick.

I’ll definitely look into a thinner version, but it leaves me with a question we’ll have to answer in prototyping: does a thinner leather still give the requisite level of protection? In the meantime, they do thin out a bit after repeated use, and if you take a wire brush to the palm surface, you’ll make them a bit rougher, and they’ll hold chalk well.

If anyone has questions about the product, or you need anything anytime, just shout. We’re at [email protected] and (617) 460-5999.


Jon Gilson, Owner, Again Faster Equipment



    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Good question regarding the thinning leather. It would be interesting to see how that works out. And yes, one thing I did fail to address in my review is to simply wear them down through use to thin the grips out. I believe that’s why each time I use them in the right situations, the feel and grips gets better.

    And to everyone else out there, this is what I call customer service. Take notes 🙂

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