Is Pinterest Only For A CrossFit Girl Blog?

Or Is This Really A CrossFir Girl Blog?

What if I were really a JUSTINE, not Justin? Who the fuck knows?

Anyway…lately, I’ve been getting back into Pinterest. I’ve blogged about it in the past, and then forgot about that social media site. It wasn’t getting the same exposure my Facebook page was getting (like it if you haven’t already), so I just let it die out.

Then about a month ago, I noticed my Pinterest following grew to over 400 followers. As of writing, I have 643 followers. Thanks for all your support!

Sure, around 60% of the Pinterest demographic is female and the majority of my pins would represent something a CrossFit girl blog would post, but there’s a lot of inspirational stuff in there…and also some eye candy for the guys lol.

I’m all about visualization going into something – whether it’s a big meeting, some sort of sales pitch, or a 1 rep max deadlift. You see yourself kicking ass, so eventually that automatic response system helps you execute. That’s why many of you out there might benefit from checking out some of these inspirational images on Pinterest or Instagram prior to your CrossFit workouts.

Then Again…

…there’s also the bad side to these pics. I see a lot of people on my personal Facebook feed posting this stuff all day, every day. Hey, it’s cool that you want to kick ass at life. So do I and so do many of you reading this. But by constantly sharing this shit with your friends to express how you want to motivate yourself, you almost feel satisfied with whatever goals you’re going for. It’s like the more you share these quotes, the closer you FEEL you are to your goals.

Um…hitting the share button won’t do shit for you. Taking action will.

I came across a TED Talk a while back that pretty much described this take on your goals. Check out the 3 minute video. It’s some food for thought:

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather shut the fuck up on my personal newsfeed (which I actually have for almost 2 years), and keep doing my thing. No need for some external validation. Of course, once in a while, I’ll have to mention some CrossFit goals on here, but to tell you the truth, my biggest goals are non-CrossFit related.

Basically, I’m saying that these inspirational images/quotes are great for sparking that fire in you. However, it’s up to you and your own actions to reach the finish line in motherfuckin style.

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I’m a girl, and Pinterest makes me want to barf all over my keyboard. I joined at the insistence of my crafty friend, who loves all that DIY-crafty-mason jars and hot glue shit, so I should have known I wouldn’t be into it. I made the obligatory “Future Wedding” board and was over it.


    I totally hear ya on the DIY shit. And all that typical girly stuff on there…no thanks.

    Just checked out your blog, and awesome job on your progress all these years. Not sure what you plan to do with your blog, but Pinterest could be a good way of getting it out there.

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