I Love Bacon: Try Out This SIMPLE Recipe

First of All: Why I Love Bacon

I Love Bacon

Okay, I LOVE BACON because of the grease, the smell that spreads from your kitchen to the rest of the house. Yes, your whole house smells after cooking something with bacon, but it’s so damn worth it.

Your mouth waters whenever you think of it.

And once you sink your teeth into those hot and crispy bits of bacon, you feel a sense of euphoria. All that other crap in your life? You can forget about it.

All that matters is bacon.

Shit, I can smell it right now as I’m typing this entry out, and I’m fuckin craving what I cooked earlier today. Man is it good. Even my parents approved, and they’re not easy to please when it comes to food since they’re all about cooking, especially my dad.

Okay, Enough About Why I Love Bacon

So what did I cook?

Broccoli & Bacon.

It was pretty damn quick and simple. Got some inspiration from part of this Everyday Paleo recipe (bottom section about brussel sprouts & bacon). Her brussel sprout version is actually quite delicious, making that vegetable most of us hate actually quite enjoyable. She does have her own Paleo diet cookbook, so it’s no surprise.

Gotta love these Paleo bacon recipes.


  • Pack of bacon (mine was maple-flavored)
  • 8 cups of broccoli diced (can be fresh or frozen)
  • Dill weed & black pepper

Dice the bacon and place in a skillet until it’s crispy. Dice the broccoli during this time. Defrost if frozen. Once the bacon’s crispy, toss the diced broccoli into the skillet and cook for around 10 minutes. Season with dill weed and black pepper to your liking.

Drain the bacon oil if you think it’s a bit too much for you. Personally, I enjoy having a decent amount still in the skillet so the broccoli absorbs that GREASE.

Paleo Bacon Recipes

Used some Instagram magic on this ishhhh.

Is That Really It?


This takes me like 15 minutes to prepare, and it sure makes it easier to enjoy greens. You can pretty much replace the broccoli with the vegetable of your choice.

Usually I just force myself to consume vegetables, which is fine at first. Then it really gets to my head after a while.

So why not throw some bacon into the mix? Fuck yeah.

I’ll admit that I’m someone who doesn’t live the Paleo lifestyle 100%, but this is a great addition to whatever healthy eating plan you use. Tomorrow I’ll delve deeper into my nutritional development over the past few months.

Let me just ask you this: Is Paleo the be-all, end-all nutritional path?

Enjoy the bacon and broccoli!

Kip it real, my friends.


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I like your stuff, been waiting for you to return. Will have to try that recipe soon, looks AWESOME!

Our easiest dish: paleo meatloaf:
2 lbs grass fed ground beef
2-3 eggs
1 cup almond flour
1 can tomato paste
1 onion
mix together and add some spices and other stuff to suit
cook at 350 for one hour

prep time: about 8 minutes.


    Hey AverageMarriedDad, thanks for the Paleo meatloaf recipe. When I try it out, I’ll have to blog about it haha. Shit, I’m feeling hungry again 😛

    Just checked out your blog btw. I totally dig your home gym setup.


    It’s too bad that I’m a poor college kid and 2 lbs of grass fed beef is like 16 bucks… looks good though!


This is my typical meal. Throw meat (any kind, really…but usually a shit ton) in a pan w/ evoo. add random ass veggies. eat.


    That’s what’s up. I just need to get better at having some variety. Been getting there by trying out new recipes. Of course, they need to be quick and simple lol.


Yeah guys, doesn’t have to be hard. The Mark Sisson “Big Ass Salad” is a nice one too. Keep in mind I feed a family of four with my meals. Was fortunate to have a chest freezer so can get grass-fed half-steer for reasonable price vs. shelling out what the stores charge.

What are your thoughts on lunch meats (deli turkey, roast beef, etc.)? Good, bad, or neutral? I don’t know much about nitrates and all that jazz, but find this stuff quick and easy to add to stuff and for kids lunches.


    They’re obviously better than eating junk, but yeah, I’ve heard they’re not good for you unless they’re nitrate-free and are lean. Just gotta apply the 80/20 principle here…does it really matter?

    It’s your call man.

    I only have deli meats occasionally.

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