1 CrossFit Mistake I Doubt Anyone’s Made…

It Happened On Saturday

…and shit, I have no clue how the fuck I pulled off such a thing. In my nearly 3 years of CrossFit, I’ve never seen something like this happen. Luckily, I was okay afterwards, but it didn’t help that our WOD that day was pretty terrible.

Here’s what we had:

For time:
100 back squats at 95/65 (did only 75#)
50 pull ups (subbed ring rows since a recent hand tear was still healing)
125 double unders
50 toes-to-bar (did abmat sit-ups)

I was wrecked from a solid week of WODs…and maybe that Thanksgiving feast finally caught up to me? Whatever it was, I just wasn’t feeling it that workout.

And it didn’t help that I pulled off the weirdest thing ever in my warm-up:

I Fell Out Of The GHD Machine…

Kipping It Real Facepalm Homer Simpson GHD Machine


Yeah…that really happened.

Since my grip was shot and couldn’t do TTB during the warm-ups, I hopped onto the GHD. Ever since I finally learned how to properly use my glutes to pop up into the sit-up, I’ve been all about explosive GHD’s. Unfortunately, I totally fucked things up.

On the way down from my 3rd rep in the 2nd round of this warm-up, my feet lost that vertical positioning in the contraption, causing my feet to slip out and…yeah, I hit the floor. All I could do was laugh my ass off. Seriously…how the fuck does that happen? Who does that?

I was around a good number of people as well, and it didn’t embarrass me one bit. To tell you the truth, I actually found it rather amusing. What can you do in such a situation? Get beet red and act like it didn’t happen? Psh. I just decided to have fun with it and keep on rolling.

The next round for warm-ups, one guy joked:

“You need a spot?”


It’s a good thing I didn’t hurt my body. The only issue I felt was a slight pain in the ass, but I was good enough to get through this miserable WOD.

Oh man was it bad.

Grinding through those back squats was a feeling I didn’t want to experience again. My legs were just shot, so having to rest the bar on my back the whole time resulted in some lower back pain. I didn’t want to force things like an idiot, so I dropped the bar 4 times.

No big deal, right? Uh…

…every time I dropped the bar, I had to do a 45 second AirDyne sprint at 300 watts. Not fun.

Once I got through those squats, which normally are my thing, it was “smooth” sailing. Kinda. Sorta. Not really…but it was MUCH better than that back squat nightmare.

So Let Me Ask You This…

…have you ever messed up that bad in your CrossFit class? Who knows? Maybe I’m not the only one who felt out of a GHD…

Kip it real, my friends.

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well lets see a picture of the rip man!

can’t say i’ve ever fallen out of a GHD… what the hell kind of GHD was that though? My box has the Rogue one and I think it’s impossible to fall out of that unless you’re like a 6 year old.


    The rip’s fine now as I was just careful with shit the past few days.

    It was the Rogue GHD, and yeah, it was definitely my fault for not adjusting the leg thing, which was set for someone taller than me. I was just thinking “Oh this is no biggie…it’s a warm-up…”

    So much for that.


So this is an old post but I’ve got a relevant story.

After a WOD we had cashout of 5×200 row for time. Cruising along, legs melted from whatever it was we were doing that day, on my last 200 somehow my foot came out of my shoe (even though my feet were strapped in) and I couldn’t get it back in (since.. the shoe was strapped in.) Somehow during the process of trying to get that foot settled in, I came up off the seat which got away from me and left me just riding the rail.

For what seemed to be an eternity but was probably like 10 seconds I was mixed up in some bad Marx Brothers act of trying to find a home for my foot and get my ass back in the seat to finish my row.

Before my next row someone offered to make me a seatbelt. I still laugh every time I think of that nonsense.

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