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Toxic Green Pink RX Jump Ropes

So freshhhhhh

Um…why is this post under “Inspirational Shit”? You’ll see…

…but for now, yeah, I fucked up when I ordered my rope. I ended up getting a cable a bit too long since I measured my old STRETCHED OUT rope. Epic fail, huh? Oh wel…there’s really not much I can do about it.

Since I used it for one WOD and got the cable all scratched and marked up, I was no longer eligible for an exchange at RX Jump Ropes. I didn’t want to be a dickkkk and try to clean off the marks, ya know?

So I had no choice but to order a new pink cable at a shorter length.

Regardless, I still had a great WOD with this rope. What did we have in store?

4 rounds:
12 hang power cleans or as many as possible within 30 sec. (135#/95#…Rx)
4 x (30 sec. AMRAP burpee lateral bar hops, 30 sec. AMRAP double unders)
2 minutes rest (wtfffff!!!)

I managed to get all 12 HPC’s in the first round, but after that I struggled with my grip, getting only around 8 to 10. lmao, in round 2, my sweaty hands resulted in the barbell launching from my grasp.

Seriously, all I could do was laugh.

Okay, The ROPE

Yeah, enough about the WOD…let’s discuss the rope. I’m in love, even though I need the right cable length. I noticed the “ultra” cable weight was a little heavier than my Again Faster Revolution Rope (I recommend it, as it’s a bargain with 2 cables), but due to the mechanics of the bearing system, I was using my wrists more than usual.

That’s a good thing.

The rotations were as smooth as butter. I can only imagine the kind of damage I can do and the PR’s I can set with the right cable length. We’ll see next week.

Only then can I write a full review.

Can We Get To The Inspirational Part?

Alright, it really has to do with getting the rope in the crazy “toxic green” handles and pink cable. I just like being me.

It was annoying having my rope randomly picked up by someone next to me during WOD’s (not cool…) or having someone hang it up with the rest of the box’s ropes. Even though the rest were the generic speed ropes, the AF Rev rope blended in with the others.

I wanted something different to avoid those issues and to also be ridiculous as I really am. Whenever you just keeping doing you and really believe in yourself, no one gives a shit or says shit against you.

Since college, I’ve always been a fan of wearing clothes that stand out like crazy. I was all about pastels and loud colors cause that was the thing at school, and I didn’t mind wearing that stuff on the weekends. It was basically my party attire.

Back at home, only about 15 minutes away, it’s like a whole different world. No one really wears that stuff. I missed that sort of self-expression, so of all places, I wanted to bring it to the box. It’s where I lay it all on the line.

That’s one of the reasons I had to get this pink jump rope. My old AF one was already on its 2nd cable and had all these bends, so it was time to move on. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if I even start a trend. A buddy of mine just ordered his RX Jump Rope in “naughty pink” (what an ASS haha) handles and a pink cable as well.

You can also say another reason is confidence.

We all play mind games with ourselves after that “3-2-1 GO.” I think of it this way when it comes to dubs…if I fuckin suck at double unders, I DON’T deserve to be using such a ridiculous rope. Whether I have a normal looking rope or such a loudly colored one, the fact remains: I just suck.

So if I want to still be badassssss while sporting a pink jump rope, I need to perform. I need to deserve it.

For months, I worked on progressing from terribly coordinated singles to pretty decent dubs. Doing them fresh, I can hit the mid-60s unbroken. (Come to think about it, I haven’t do an unbroken AMRAP in a while. Should test that when the new cable comes.) During a WOD with movements that tend to kill the shoulders, it’s really a hit or miss.

I’ve come a long way, so I need to keep it up. I need to focus. It’s unusual, isn’t it? On top of being “loud” in a different way and making a fashion statement (lolz), I use the pink jump rope as a motivator.

If you keep tearing it up at your box while being chill with the people around you, whether you’re rocking a pink jump rope or wearing pink knee socks, you’ve got respect.

I’m not gonna lie…

…if I ever compete seriously, like Regionals one day, I’m decking myself out in the most outrageous shit you can think of…whileeee being functional of course.

Pink headband.
Lime green shorts.
My Dave Matthews Band tie-dye shirt
Pink knee socks
Some bright colored pair of New Balances, unless Reebok steps up their game (hint hint…)

Yeah, that’s just me. I can be pretty damn quiet in certain social situations, but there are other situations where I can be either loud vocally or in this kind of way.

The Sparknotes/TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version: Be yourself. CrossFit has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, both inside and outside the box. We’re constantly pushed out of our comfort zones in every workout. Try doing that in your everyday life.

Things just seem to get more interesting and fun 😀

So how do YOU guys and gals express yourselves at your CrossFit box? Do you also find yourselves stepping out of your comfort zones more because of CrossFit?

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