That Feeling Of Hopelessness

Jabba The Hut Status…

Coming from a three week break, it’s just hard getting back into CrossFit. My weight gain and sluggishness make me feel like crap during every WOD. I went from 5 WOD’s a week to 3 to gradually get back into the swing of things. It just sucks.

Full Of Excuses

At times, I’ve blamed things on how I ate and didn’t do any physical activity while I was away. Whatever, I had a great time visiting family and it was a really eye-opening experience. I don’t regret it. Now, I should just accept that I’m really out of shape and do whatever is necessary to become the athlete I’m meant to be.

And in reality, the only person I can blame is myself, right?

Sometimes, I just want to say something to the coaches, but that’d just be more excuses coming from me. It’s a way of procrastination and spreading negativity. Instead of saying negative things, I’m gonna DO positive things so I can get back on track.

Do You Know That Feel, Bro?

I Know That Feel Bro

After only a few pull ups. After only a short string of burpees. After the first set of power cleans. It’s like you go from a full tank to nothing at all.

I learned my lesson: do SOMETHING, ANYTHING the next time I’m on vacation for a long period of time. Even if that means some squats, burpees, and push ups before taking a shower. It’s better than nothing.

We’ve all felt this low point for some reason. The only thing you can do is rise above all those obstacles in your way. It’s rather easy to fall off track as well. Oh, you’re already out of shape, so it must be okay to have that Five Guys burger, huh? Your body is STILL pretty sore, so it’s okay to miss another day or two at the box this week?

Unfortunately, such thoughts have been invading my mind the past two weeks. All we can do in times like these is be “Unscared”.

Just keep showing up your 3 to 5 times a week or whatever you do. It won’t be an instant comeback, so you need to keep chugging along.

Be Unscared

That’s what I’m gonna do. So what are YOU gonna do? Sink or swim?

I’m gonna swim. Let a lot of waves hit me. Take in some water. Regardless, I’ll get onto a level of fitness I’ve never achieved before.


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