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BJ Fail

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Box Jump BJ Fail

Box jumps...silly :P

Have you ever done something like this before? Whether sober or inebriated, you friends might’ve asked you something about this “crazy CrossFit thing” you’ve been doing. Then you go into your cult-promoting pitch. At some point, you’re so pumped just talking about CrossFit that you try to show off some stuff in front of your friends. Usually it’s something like a handstand push-up or handstand hold, right?

Handstand Hold Friends

It can seem douchey. You just can't help yourself though lol.

It’s okay, I’ve done it before. Two summers ago, I was at a happy hour with my friends at Turtle Bay in NYC. They have this turtle statue on the second floor, so of course I had to take pics with it! We rode the turtle. Pretended to give it drinks. Oh, it was a total Kodak Moment (oh, awkward…).

Then I finished off the photoshoot with what looked like a transition into a handstand hold on the turtle. It looked fuckin cool on Facebook, but here’s a secret I’m gonna share with you guys.

There was a ledge almost 4 feet high that blended in with the purple walls. My feet were actually on the ledge. In the pic, my feet looked like they were in mid-air, resulting in an acrobatic illusion…

…of course, we’re talking about the author of, so I pulled things off :D

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