What Is CrossFit?

What Is CrossFit?

If you want the legit, by-the-book definition of CrossFit, then turn to the official site. However, this is my own description of the sport.

What Is CrossFit? It Changes Lives

“What is CrossFit?” you ask? It’s one of the many reasons I decided to start KippingItReal.com. CrossFit…

…breaks the mundane cycle of life.
…puts you in a good mood.
…is another thing to look forward to each day.
…makes you healthier.
…makes you smile.
…makes you laugh.
…makes you puke.
…gets you in the best shape of your life.
…helps you breathe better.
…makes you stronger.
…makes you faster.
…brings awesome people to your life.
…gives you another reason life is worth living.
…teaches you real fitness.
…teaches you more about yourself.
…shows you how to overcome life’s obstacles.
…and of course, it makes you look better naked 😛

What Is CrossFit? It’s A Little Bit Of Everything

You really can never get bored with CrossFit, as generally boxes program the workouts that you’ll rarely do the same one again, unless it’s a staple workout like Fran:

The main site is the same way as well. You can check there every day for a WOD (Workout of the Day) designed by the CrossFit Headquarters. It’s a great resource if you just want to test the waters on your own or if you plan on doing your CrossFit training at home or in a normal gym.

You do all sorts of stuff in your workouts – olympic lifts, power lifts, sprints, gymnastics movements, calisthenics, and so much more.

What Is CrossFit? It’s Universally Scalable

Basically anyone can do CrossFit. Sure, a workout may have an Rx (as prescribed) weight or movement designated, but you can always use lighter weights or a less-complicated, similar movement to still get the same type of workout.

No matter what your current physical status is, no matter how old you are, no matter what equipment you have available, you can still get in a CrossFit workout.

Still Not Convinced?

Check out this video of real people who get real results:

Answering the question “What is CrossFit?” could be different for everyone, but for most people, it’s the catalyst for some positive changes in your life.