#4 for “To Get Butterflies” On Yahoo

#4 for “To Get Butterflies” On Yahoo

No Not Google

So I was simply checking out the analytics of my GetClicky account and noticed that someone found my site through a Yahoo search of “to get butterflies” (without quotes).

To Get Butterflies

He or she landed on my “I Used To Get Butterflies Before Every WOD” post and actually spent the time to read it! Thanks for reading :)

Want to see it for yourself? Just go to Yahoo.com and search for “to get butterflies” without the quotes. Of course, your results may vary (Yahoo has a shitload of servers), but every time I check it out, my blog post comes up as the #4 result.

To Get Butterflies Yahoo

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Now time to do some research and write more content for you CrossFit Crazies :P

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