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Don’t You Feel Fat Right Now?

Damn The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter CrossFit Bunny Rowing

Credit goes to Robert Garza on Facebook.

Yes, blame this asshole over here.

For those of you who celebrated Easter yesterday, you’re probably regretting your food choices, right? I woke up this morning feeling like garbage thanks to the sheer quantity of food I had on top of the drinking. What a winning combo.

Are You Hating Yourself Right Now?

Don’t be. Okay, we’ve all complained on Facebook or Twitter about feeling fat or wanting to go on a diet now. What you ate yesterday or all weekend is in the past. It’s done. Yes, you ate like a king or queen, and now feel like a fat mofo. Acknowledge all this and move forward. Fixating upon your recent eating is only going to screw with you mentally.

But You Love The Validation?

Ah…another reason why we like posting about these things on social media. When people start liking or commenting on your posts, agreeing with you or cheering you on in your pursuit of fitness, you feel that sense of satisfaction.

Facebook Likes Twitter Retweets Validation

“Yes, I’m on the right track!”
“Gotta love all these people agreeing with me!”
“Everyone can relate!”

But will all that validation from your friends directly result in your success? Nope.

Sure, those motivating words can give you that initial boost you need to fix up your nutrition and workout more consistently. However, there’s also that negative effect. You’ll feel partially satisfied with whatever effort you’ve put in so far (little to even nothing at all). There’s that high chance you’ll slack off and fall off track.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post things about your goals and achieving them. That’s some of the stuff I’d love people to post about on here. It’s just bad if you’re relying upon that validation to take action.

Get Things Done

Many of you, since you’re already part of the CrossFit world, have a decent idea of what you have to do to hit those WOD PR’s and to look better if that’s your goal.

DO IT. Take action.