My Take: Lauren Plumey Going Team

She Probably Just Gave Up

Lauren Plumey Goes Team


Nope, not at all. Check out this article on Lauren Plumey going team on the official Games site.

I really dig what she did for the Opens. By finishing 5th in the North East Region, beating her 8th place finish in 2011, she was able to shut up the haters. Nope, she obviously didn’t go team because she didn’t think she was good enough. Shit, she’s more than good enough.

Her passion for the sport and her box’s community truly shines in this quote:

“As an affiliate owner … I feel like my gym name is more important than representing my name.”

Now this is a real athlete/box owner. With the growing popularity of CrossFit, there are so many people out there who drop the $1k, go to the weekend cert, and then open up their cookie-cutter quality box only because of the money. It’s pretty obvious in their actions and the way they treat their community. However, with LP and her husband Dave at Shoreline CrossFit, you can tell they’re doing it right.

That’s the spirit of the sport right there. You want to put your team in the spotlight, cause when your team thrives and does well, so does the rest of your box. The dynamics of a box’s community can be overlooked at times, especially for new box owners who have to juggle so many different tasks and wear so many different hats. Your gym’s community is EVERYTHING. It defines the culture and general mood day in and day out. Really…when your box’s community is thriving, the only problem you’ll be running into is space for all the new athletes 🙂

For all those people who thinks LP went team because she’s “not good enough” to compete as an individual, go fuck yourself. Haters gonna hate.

Abe Lincoln Says Haters Gonna Hate


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