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Bad CrossFit Gym Etiquette

Watch This

There’s a chance that you’ve probably seen this vid already, but “Bad CrossFit Gym Etiquette” is a good one. I love it cause a lot of these “characters” at the gym do show up.

The Coconut Burglar

I’m sure most of your boxes simply have some honor code where people actually pay for their coconut water or leave cash if no one’s around at the desk. If you’re actually stealing stuff from your own box like this…well…that’s fucked up.

Sadly, there are probably some low-life peasants out there who pull this kind of stuff all the time.

The Chalk Whore

Okay, when I started CrossFit, I’ll admit I was quite a chalk abuser, although maybe not to the status of “chalk whore” (maybe “chalk skank” or “chalk ho”). Shit finally hit me when I was constantly complaining about tearing my hands during pull up or toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbow WOD’s. Coach was just like…”Uh…the chalk’s just making things worse.”

Now I really only chalk up for 1 rep max cleans, snatches, or deads.

And I don’t know about you guys, but did that chalk whore in the vid remind you of Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle’s Show?

Tyrone Biggums Chappelle's Show

Andddd…one last thing about this section…props on the video editor for throwing in Muse’s “Plugin Baby”…one of my favorite songs in high school.

Too Fast Too Care

Fortunately, I never really see these guys or girls at our box. Our coaches are legit, so of course you’d be called out for this kind of nonsense.

The Sweat Beast

Yeah…I sweat like a mofo, so of course I try my best to clear off my stuff post-WOD. Although I do forget at times, especially when it’s a total MIND-IS-FULL-OF-FUCK type of workout and your brain is scrambled to shit.

Mind is Full of Fuck

Even in my car, I wipe down my seat, steering wheel, and arm rest once I get home. No one wants a car that smells like mold 24/7.

Sir Talksalot

Haha…I really enjoy this one cause whenever this one friend of mine is in class with me, I end up talking or bullshitting along with him, sometimes when coach is explaining something.

Now, things have been reduced to random side comments to each other, although coach will call one of us out once in a while.

“Oh what’s that, Justin?”
“Uh…yeah, we were talking shit about you man…”
“Oh that’s nice.”

When I know it’s something that could take a while to explain, you know…like a WOD that requires the order of operations on steroids to dissect, then I keep my mouth shut or just try to ignore my friend’s nonsensical random.

The Ghost Rider

The guys in this part of the vid were great, especially the wall ball scene.

I don’t really see this stuff happen, although the flying barbells or variations have come close to fucking me up big time. I’ll never forget this one time I was doing Helen for first time Rx’d, and I was on a pretty good pace, but this one guy doing farmers carries didn’t put clamps at the end of his bars.

Of course, as he was walking behind me, I saw from the corner of my eye one of his 45# plates slip out, cause his bar to tilt forward in my direction. Yes, I did end up tossing my kettlebell overhead a bit like the guy in the video while I hopped out of the way.

I wasn’t pissed at all…rather, I was happy that bar didn’t hit me. That could’ve been some bad news bears.

The Gear Borrower

Lmao that was awesome.

Nope, can’t say I’ve witnessed this…oh wait…I have! In the middle of a WOD, woman took my wall ball one time…it was a 20# too. I simply turned to our coach, and mouthed, “What the fuck? She took my ball!” So I was forced to go to the carousel of balls mid-WOD. Not sure what happened to her original ball.


The Time Fabricator

Oh man…there are some pretty douchey people out there who do this. C’mon now…the only person you’re really cheating here is yourself. Oh, you want to brag about your new Fran time to your wife or co-workers?

Cool story bro.

In the grander scheme of things, unless you’re going for a “new world record” or legit competing in the Home Depot Center, no one gives a shit about your times or your scores. Yes, people do care that you’re working on improving your health and your life overall. That’s because most people at your box are pretty awesome and want to see you make progress.

But making up your times, scores, or weights is just a waste. Hold some standards for yourself. It’s the only way you’ll improve.

Do You See Any Of These Mofos At Your Box?

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Kip it real, my friends.

Fill This Shit Out!

No Wonder Day 1 Felt Like A Rest Day…

You Need To Watch This Vid

Yeah, on the Games site, it’s titled “Days in the Life of Rich Froning”, but there’s also a good junk of Dan Bailey in there.

Even if you don’t have the time to watch the ENTIRE vid, catch some of it. Skim through parts.


Let’s just get a few things out of the way…first of all, the half-assed face censoring was a waste and made the vid look ridiculous in the beginning. Second, the interviewer was annoying as fuck. Gotta give Rich and Dan props for handling that assclown well. It just shows they’re legit guys.

So yeah, as I was watching this earlier today, I couldn’t help but think about their WORK CAPACITY. Holy shit. It’s one thing to work out multiple times in a day. It’s a whole ‘nother story when you’re dealing with heavy and intense loads every time.

Now that I look back at that post-workout interview at the end of Day 1 of the Central East Regional, Rich was serious about his “rest day” comment. He wasn’t trying to sound like an cocky guy. He wasn’t trying to show off. He was just telling the truth.

Rich Froning Jr Rest Day

Yeah, the edits on that interview (the rewinds, etc.) for the Update show made him seem like an ass. It’s easy to put a lot of emphasis on that one line he said. Now, I believe it. Rich and Dan are truly on another level.

It makes me wonder what the “Silent Assassin” Graham Holmberg does for his training.

For serious…watching this made me want to work out. Gotta wait 12 hours for that…shit…

Shit CrossFit Girls Say

Both Men And Women Are Guilty

I know the whole “Shit _______ Say” trend on YouTube has died down (thank God…), but I’ll admit this is one of my favorites. No offense to my female readers out there, especially since I’ve been guilty of saying some of these thing as well, such as “Why is the WOD not up?” and “It’s my…cheat meal…”

It's My Cheat Meal

Been there, done that...

Watch it, enjoy it, and don’t take shit too seriously. Have fun 🙂

Killing The Fat Man: Episode 1

I’m Loving This Video Series

For the next few days, I’ll be catching up on this awesome “Killing The Fat Man” video series put together by the CrossFit Journal. I highly encourage you to watch them. Here’s “Killing The Fat Man: Episode 1”:

In this series, the CrossFit Journal is following a CrossFit newcomer, Gary Roberts. After years of focusing on his family and business while letting his health go, Gary knew it was time to do something about it. Luckily, he decided to try something out like CrossFit 🙂

For these videos, I’m just going to write out some things that hit home while watching. Enjoy!

CrossFit Isn’t Only For “The Beasts”

To most people, CrossFit seems intimidating, especially if they’ve seen any footage from the CrossFit Games. Okay, we all know that those athletes are the elite and have worked their asses off to get to where they are.

But what about for us normal people?

Killing The Fat Man: Episode 1

Gary wearing his old jacket from his time in the Marines.

That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I’m just your everyday guy. For years, I’ve struggled with my weight, and after college, it almost seemed like I had to fix things up again. Through my posts about myself and others as well as with your own stories, like Elisa’s, I want to be able to show people out there that they too can live a healthy lifestyle.

Some of us might become the next Rich Froning or Annie Thorisdottir. Some of us might just want to be healthier, better looking, longer living versions of ourselves. Whatever your goals are, walking into that CrossFit box for the first time might be that turning point in your life.

Annie Thorisdottir Rich Froning

Could you be the next fittest man or woman on earth?!?!?!

It’s great that CrossFit HQ is attacking this angle as well, since almost all their articles and videos feature top Games athletes. Seriously…WHO THE FUCK is Gary Roberts? No, I don’t mean that in a bad way lol…I’m just saying that it’s awesome they’re picking an everyday guy with a wife, kids, and a business to run who’s struggled with gaining weight for years. Many people can relate his situation, so I believe they picked the right guy.

He’s Gonna Pull It Off

Why? Okay, okay…the damn intro to every video of this series spoils the ending…Gary gets into excellent shape.

I Look More Doable

Gary said that...not me lol

But seriously, you see it in Gary’s attitude. He wants this bad and you can tell he’s giving it his all in the workouts with all his grunting and yelling. That’s might style now too haha.

Also, he’s got that confidence in him. He was already showing signs of it in the beginning with all his jokes, and after only a week at his box, you can tell his confidence went to another level.

Gary Roberts WODTalk

Wow...look at that magazine Gary is reading...

“Regardless of What The Problem Is, The Answer Is To Squat”

Just Squat

Okay, so I saw this video shared a few times on both my personal and KippingItReal Facebook accounts, so I had to check it out to see what the fuss was all about. The title itself was honestly that not enticing to me, which was why I didn’t think much of it when it was posted 2 days ago.

Check it out:

To tell you the truth, I was bit bummed out by the vid, thinking it would be something really eye-opening. Maybe because I’ve always stressed the importance of learning the squat? Squatting was my first love (lol), thanks to Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

Squatting Medicine Ball

Please don't squat like this...

The Vid Has A Strong Message

My love for squatting and all that jazz aside, this video still has a great message for everyone. Whether you’re a CrossFit newbie or a seasoned firebreather, you can easily forget how important the fundamentals of squatting are.

Girl Squat Chains

Hey girl, you need a spot from behind?

What Pat Sherwood says towards the beginning of the vid sums up the message:

The squat: absolutely fundamental. Building block to everything else that we’re gonna do in CrossFit. So, do this well and everything you do will fall into place. Do this poorly, and everything else will be challenging for you.

It’s Nothing But The Truth

Greg Glassman Drinking Kool Aid

Greg Glassman...get it? OH YEAHHHHH

When I started out with real barbell squats (not that lame Smith machine bullshit), I made it a habit to at least hit parallel. I’m thankful I listened to everything Rip wrote in that damn squat chapter. If I remember correctly, it was over 40 pages long. While my body wasn’t used to a lot of things, like not using a barbell pad or not hooking my thumbs around the bar, I kept at it.

Once I really got the ball rolling on various powerlifts and Oly lifts at my box, man did those squatting fundamentals help a ton. Push presses. Push jerks. Squat cleans. Power cleans. Snatches (mmm…). Overhead squats. Deadlifts. Front squats (obviously lol). And believe it or not, rowing.

Squatting is like free-throws for a CrossFitter. It may seem like a waste of time in the beginning and might see frustrating. Regardless, keep at it and make the squat your bitch. You can thank Greg “Kool-Ad” Glassman later.