Why Change To Weightlifting Shoes For Women?

Here’s Why You Need To Upgrade To Weightlifting Shoes For Women

Even as a CrossFitter, have you ever thought of buying the right weightlifting shoes for women? Upon joining, most people go into their workouts simply using a new pair of running shoes or whatever pair of gym shoes they were using prior to joining.

It’s okay, as that’s what I did before. I simply thought a regular pair of running sneakers was all that was needed for CrossFit.

Then things hit me. It wasn’t until I started getting into heavier weights and progressing in more complex lifts that I realized normal running shoes weren’t cutting it. Most of these sneakers were designed to handle heel striking when running, hence the squishy heels.

You Don’t Experience This With The Right Weightlifting Shoes For Women


Depending upon the model you decide to get, there’s barely any heel. As a result, you have a closer distance to the ground and more control of your lifts.

I remember when I first put on my pair of New Balance Minimus shoes. We had front squats the next WOD.


What a difference! Normally, front squats were a struggle for me, as my squishy Nike running shoes would cause a lot of disbalance in my heels, making my front squat lean more forward than I’d like. Not cool. That’s why I was stuck at 225# for quite some time with my front squats.

Now, that lift and many others have progressed properly upon upgrading to the perfect weightlifting shoes.

So what are the choices for women?

To start things off, you can’t go wrong with the “official” CrossFit shoe, the women’s Reebok Nano 2.0s. Sounds cliche, but once you give them a shot, you’ll realize these were made SPECIFICALLY for CrossFit.

I thought they would be all hype and branding. Instead, they actually deliver.

If you want to focus more on Olympic lifting and powerlifting, Reebok also has their own Olympic lifting shoes that come in various colors as well.

Weightlifting Shoes For Women

Click the image above to find out more on the Reebok CrossFit Oly lifting shoes.

My other suggestion would be the whole line of New Balance Minimus CrossFit shoes. They come in various weights and sole thicknesses. Which variation to get depends upon your preferences and needs. I’m not a fan of almost non-existent soles, which is why I went with the MX20’s (WX20’s for women). There’s a little bit more padding, but not close to as much as my old running shoes have.

The last recommendation for weightlifting shoes for women would have to be the Inov-8s. You can basically call these the granddaddies of CrossFit shoes. They were the originals before the whole Reebok/CrossFit partnership.

They’re light and get the job done, as they’re also designed for CrossFit. My only complaints about them are their narrow sizes and they tend to break quickly.

It’s really your call.

I highly suggest trying out a pair at your local store, then buying it there or through one of the online sites I pointed to throughout this article.