What Are The Best Sneakers For CrossFit?

The Best Sneakers For CrossFit Are…

…generally minimal-sole shoes. Most people argue that the best sneakers for CrossFit are made by Reebok, mainly their latest, the Reebok Nano 2.0s (Click here for the men’s or here for the women’s).

Reebok Nano 2.0 Best Sneakers For CrossFit

Click the image above to see more Nano 2.0 colors.

And from what most people say, they’re the real deal. It’s not just some hype you’d expect because of the Reebok and CrossFit partnership. These shoes were designed specifically for CrossFit. You can’t just use your usual pair of running shoes for all the oly lifting, burpeeing, and box jumping you’ll be doing during a WOD.

To tell you the truth, you can actually hurt yourself by settling for a lame pair of running shoes. You need that stability in your soles that only a minimalist type of sneaker similar to the Nano 2.0s can offer.

Have you ever wondered why your squats or oly lifts won’t improve? Have you wondered by when you get lower on a squat your feet start to shift and your stability goes to shit?

It’s probably because your current shoe has some really squishy heel that prevents you from really getting the most out of these CrossFit lifts. Generally, these squishy heels are for protection from running, especially for those who run in the “heel striking” style.

The Best Sneakers For CrossFit Are Not Just From Reebok…

…if I were to pick two more brands, I’d say Inov-8 and New Balance.

Inov-8 made the ORIGINAL CrossFit shoes out there. Prior to getting my pair of New Balances a while back, I really wanted a pair of F-Lites by Inov-8. For quite some time, these were the shoes to get.

However, when I tried them out, the narrow fit on these shoes didn’t really suit my feet which are wide. That’s why the New Balances and Reebok Nanos were much better for me.

And what about those New Balances? I bought a pair of the Minimus almost a year ago, and I must say those really opened my eyes to the importance of shoes in CrossFit. Sure, you can argue that it’s all about your development of an athlete to get the results you want.

Although, when you find the best sneakers for CrossFit for you, your progress is seen and felt.