What Are The Rich Froning Shoes?

The Rich Froning Shoes Are Very Nice

Rich Froning Shoes By Reebok

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These Rich Froning shoes are actually Nano 2.0s designed by the 2-time CrossFit Games champion himself. With a “343” on the inner side of each shoe, it’s a tribute to the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on September 11th.

On top of the awesome purpose of these shoes and the sweet, patriotic design, you get what you’d expect from a Nano 2.0 – comfort and flexibility, breathability, and the perfect stability for crushing those CrossFit WOD’s.

Why Get A Pair of Rich Froning Shoes Or Any Nano 2.0?

If you want to improve on your CrossFit performance, it’s a no-brainer to pick up a pair of these Rich Froning shoes or one of the different styles of Nano 2.0s. These shoes were designed JUST FOR CrossFit.

They’re perfect for the all-around, unexpectedness of the sport. You can use them for running, oly lifts, and even the usual metcons you’ve grown to love or even hate.

Maybe you’ve been using running shoes this whole time. I know that feeling.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s really against the whole Reebok/CrossFit movement. I hear ya on that.

However, it wasn’t until I opened my mind to these Reebok products that I realized it was more than marketing and hype these two companies were introducing to our world. They really know their shit.

Your typical running shoes were made for just that…running shoes. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you realize that running shoes could mess up your CrossFit progress.

How is that?

Well, it wasn’t until I switched to a flat-soled shoe like the Nano 2.0 that I started progressing faster in my oly and power lifts. I felt more secure to the ground and knew that I was less prone to injury. With my old shoes, my feet would always be moving around as I’d dip down into any squat lift, putting my ankles at risk.

Knowing what’s possible with shoes like Reebok’s, I could never go back to running shoes unless my workout would only involve running.

Still Unsure?

If you’re on the fence right now, I’ll have to say that a pair of Rich Froning Shoes or any other Nano 2.0 will be a great investment on your fitness. Despite the punishment we give our shoes during our CrossFit workouts, these were designed and built to last.

At the same time, expect your overall CrossFit experience to improve. Who wouldn’t want that?

So if you’re thinking of getting a fresh pair of kicks for your workouts, look no further. Reebok knows exactly what you need. You can’t go wrong with their Nano 2.0 line.