Get Some Workout Mats For Home

You Could Use Some Workout Mats For Home


If you happen to be doing all your workouts from a garage or some dedicated gym room, you could use some workout mats for home. Dropping all those weights would be pretty annoying to the people in your house and those neighbors closeby.

You don’t want to get noise complaints from these people, right?

Especially with your typical CrossFit workouts, you’ll be dropping heavy-ass weights during things like snatches and clean and jerks. Trying to catch such heavy lifts on their way down could potentially be really dangerous. Seriously, would you ever do such a thing if you were working out from your local CrossFit box?

Probably not.

They have those heavy-duty, padded floors for a reason. Actually for many reasons. It protects the concrete flooring from your weights, your costly bumper plates are protected, and you’ll be able to reduce the noise complaints.

Workout Mats For Home

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Are Workout Mats For Home Expensive?

They can be, if you happen to need a lot of flooring. That’s the thing if you happen to have a big home workout area.

However, if you don’t need many workout mats for home, then things should be pretty affordable. You just need to worry if the kind of mats or rubber flooring you go with are able to handle the punishment you give it.

It’s one thing to be dropping some mid to fairly heavy dumbbells. Yet, if you’ll be dropping some loaded barbells for various oly lifts, then you’ll have to make sure that you get something like the high quality rubber gym flooring from Rogue Fitness. Expect nothing but the highest quality materials and equipment from them.

Prior to signing up for the CrossFit gym near me, I almost thought of putting together my own box. If you decide to do that, of course things’ll get more cost effect. For my situation though, my house doesn’t have that much room for this and an outdoor solution really wouldn’t be ideal. Also, I had no idea how long I would be living in the area due to my career and whatnot.

That’s why I decided to simply join my local box. I don’t regret my decision.
I do understand that a lot of you can’t do that for whatever reason.

For your gym flooring and other CrossFit equipment needs, feel free to check out what Rogue Fitness has to offer.