Why Get A Weighted Dip Belt?

What’s the purpose of a weighted dip belt?

Rogue Weighted Dip Belt

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You want a weighted dip belt so you can improve the strength of your triceps and chest. Sure, you can get a lot of results from merely doing bodyweight dips, but eventually, your body will need additional stimulation to gain the strength and size that you want.

Don’t want to hit a plateau, right? Once you hit that level, you’ll want to step things up with something a little more badass.

That’s where the right dip belt comes in. There are a few variations of them. The first one looks similar to a typical lifting belt yet with a chain hanging from the front. On this chain, you could add a dumbbell, plates, or even kettlebells.

These are the same belts Rogue Fitness featured in the 2011 CrossFit Games. Athletes had to go through some grueling weighted pull-ups.

For the other style, it is also just like a normal lifting belt, but this time, you don’t need to add weight, as the belt itself weighs a specific amount.

In addition to dips, these belts can be used for pull-ups (like the 2011 Games) and other movements that are normally done with only bodyweight. Just imagine how much stronger you can get by utilizing a weighted dip belt.

Get that weighted dip belt if you want to develop those triceps

Who wouldn’t want to increase the size of their tris? Whether you’re doing CrossFit or any type of lifting routine, having a solid dip belt in your arsenal is key. Being able to get more pump out of every single rep is a feeling like no other.

When starting out, get your form and strength down for the bodyweight dips. Really focus on the basics at first. Then once you get better at those, really consider a high quality weighted dip belt from Rogue Fitness.