The Purpose Of A Compression T Shirt For Men

Keeping Yourself Warm With A Compression T Shirt For Men

Compression T Shirt For Men

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This reason is the main reason for getting a compression t shirt for men. The problem with most normal t-shirts is they soak up all that sweat, giving your body that awkward, chilly feeling.

Your body needs to stay warm during a tough CrossFit workout, especially if it’s one of those longer, grinder-type of WOD’s. With the right compression shirt, you’ll be able to keep your muscles warm as you plow through those endless movements.

Maybe some of you might think these shirts are nonsense. All hype. I’m not gonna lie…when I started working out back in high school, I thought the same thing.

“Who the fuck would spend that much money on Under Armour?”

And look what happened. The guy who came up with that company is now a billionaire.

Once I gave compression gear a shot, I knew right away it was the real deal. And just to note, I’m the type of guy who sweats A LOT, so wearing the right sized compression t-shirt for men really helped me with my CrossFit WOD’s.

The Right Compression T Shirt For Men Is More Affordable Now

Also, for those of you on a budget, you don’t have to spend that much money anymore to get ahold of this compression gear. From shorts to shirts, to even full compression body suits, prices have dropped drastically over the years. While it’s true that some brands still are pretty expensive (but they are worth the money), you can still get into the whole compression gear scene without having to spend too much. actually has a solid selection of such compress t-shirts for men and women from various brands.

While I don’t wear compression gear every time I work out, as I still rotate in my old, free, giveaway t-shirts from college, nothing beats the feeling of working out in compression shirts. The sweat no longer feels uncomfortable. I no longer get that chilly, clammy feeling from my sweat. And the longer you go through a workout, you definitely feel some recovery advantages.

Still not sure about these? Check out the selection on Amazon along with the reviews people have for compression t-shirts for men.