Your Life Is A Book

Your Life Is A Book

Your Life Is A Book

Learn To Be You

The writing may not have perfect grammar or proper punctuation. There might be misspellings here and there. Sure, you might know all the rules to writing. However, learn to take these rules and break them to create your own style.

If everyone followed the same set of rules, almost every book out there would be the same. Life would just be so fuckin boring. Where’s the excitement in that?

If I Were To Write My Own Book…

…it’d be a mix of every genre out there:


…and yes, vampires and werewolves :P

I’ve always wanted to write a book after all these years of blogging. But, where do you start? How do you start?

Each Day Is A New Page Written

The ink has been filling the pages since day one.

Some pages suck. Some chapters could be totally amazing and memorable. Words said can be hurtful, while a lot of them can be quotable and inspiring.

At first, it seemed like the ink was controlled by someone else, by other people, or by various circumstances. The truth is…you’re the one in control. Of course, you can always believe the opposite. Well, you know what? That sucks for you. If someone else is writing your story, it most likely will come out really shitty. The tone and voice just wouldn’t be you. The events written about just wouldn’t seem right. You wouldn’t be able to live with the end product.

Own The Pen

If you want this book to be the best damn book you can ever write, make sure you own the pen and write the way this book was meant to be written. Give it your all. Write from the heart. Create something you and future generations can be proud of.

Your life is a book. A legacy for friends and family to cherish forever. It’s only as good as you fuckin make it.

Kip It Real, my friends.

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